A Slightly Different Holiday/Christmas Greeting


Don´t ask me why, but I made this little picture after having watched too many Bond movies one night and found my idea absolutely hilarious then. 😉

And since I still like Bond even though the hilarity is no longer around and has been replaced by a mere placid smile by now, I decided to go through with this idea as a Holiday/Christmas greeting for you. 🙂


Happy Christmas Bond
Created on a whim and after watching too many Bond movies on night 😉 (Dec. 2017)


Wishing you all 

Happy Holidays!


And for those of you who celebrate it –  

a wonderful


Merry Christmas!


                              🎄 ⛄️ 🎁 ❤️





Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

68 thoughts on “A Slightly Different Holiday/Christmas Greeting

    1. Thank you, Diana! Wouldn’t it be great if James Bond were to bring the presents instead of a heavily overweighed and bearded man? 😉 Maybe I should contact Daniel Craig about it. 😄 Happy Creative New Year to you too! 💕

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      1. Oh my. That would be hysterical. New story idea: A young handsome Santa takes over for his grandfather, and has all kinds of Christmas eve problems with a variety of women and their husbands. Daniel Craig would fit the bill.

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  1. I like a unique Bond Christmas greeting, Sarah. I never watched too many of them, but the couple I saw were really entertaining. I like how we can derive inspiration from so many different areas. I hope you had a fabulous holiday, and glad to see that your mum is getting better! xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much, Lana! It’s good that you haven’t watched them all, that way you can always get back to them when there’s nothing else to watch 😉
      Christmas was quiet and relaxing which was very nice! Hope yours were equally pleasant!
      Wishing you a wonderful, creative and Happy New Year! Much love! 😄 xoxo ❤


  2. Awesome, Sarah! We’re big fans of Bond, too, so this was great. Thanks for the unique Christmas greeting, and I hope you had a good time and that your mum is getting a little better with each new day. Wishing you a healthier and happier new year to come. Love and hugs! 🎆✨🎉🎊🎇💕

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    1. Thank you very much, Lauren! It’s so great to know that all my friends here are big fans of James Bond too. 😄
      My mum is indeed getting better and her physio therapist praised her yesterday for her success in raising her arm a little bit higher each time which is all the encouragement she needs. 😄
      Wishing you a wonderful and creative New Year! Much love and many hugs! 💕😄🎊🎶🐞

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      1. I’m so glad you had a relaxing Christmas. Ours was ok. We spent the morning at home with the boy-child, then got kind of hijacked into a very long lunch with relatives. Lovely in one respect, but we had planned to go to the beach!! xxxxxxx 🙂

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  3. Who made the rule that Christmas and the holidays have to be the same for everyone every year. I applaud your inventiveness. Good wishes are good wishes and I’m sending some your way. I have no creative drawing to go with mine but the wishes are just as real. I loved watching the Bond movies too. Have a creative new year. 🙂

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  4. And the prize for the best Christmas greeting goes to …… SARAH!!! Love love love this. I worked for a wonderful man who had primary progressive multiple sclerosis some years ago and he always called me ‘Moneypenny’. Can’t remember how it started now but you have tweaked a memory of a lovely fellow who sadly is no longer with us and you have made me smile broadly. Thank you dearest friend and I hope yours has been a wonderful wonderful time full of love and laughter xxxxxxx

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    1. Hehe! 😀 Thank you so much, Fiona!
      And I can completely understand why he called you Moneypenny – you´re a generous, big-hearted, intelligent and beautiful woman! 🙂 James Bond himself could count himself lucky to have you but your lucky husband got there first. 😉 I´m glad my card reminded you of this lovely man and friend of yours and I´m so sorry he´s no longer with us.
      Much love! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ❤


      1. I was so sad when he died but he had slowly degenerated from being a brilliant musician (and brain – he kept that as his body deteriorated) so I like to think that he is entertaining the masses with his wit, wisdom and music upstairs and I know I will dance to his tune again one day …. James Bond is a tough act for my Husband to have Gazumped but there are many who think he himself is a spy – he is entirely inscrutable and despite my own best endeavours I remain none the wiser. But I think he is 😉 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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      2. Oh wow – your husband the spy! 😉 I think know the type – my maternal grandfather was one!! 😀 He was quite something from all the stories I´ve heard about him, sadly I never met him.
        And from now on I will always hear the James Bond theme ringing in my head when you write about your husband 😉

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      3. Ah but the stories keep him alive … the stories you can tell (embellish at will, please do …) of this mysterious man that begot the ones that begot you. My husband will meet you one day and you can make up your mind. For me I always think of Quaxo aka Mister Mistoffelees the mysterious cat conjured by TS Elliot … You ought to know Mr. Mistoffelees!
        The Original Conjuring Cat–
        (There can be no doubt about that).
        Please listen to me and don’t scoff.
        All his Inventions are off his own bat.
        There’s no such Cat in the metropolis;
        He holds all the patent monopolies
        For performing suprising illusions
        And creating eccentric confusions.
        At prestidigitation
        And at legerdemain
        He’ll defy examination
        And deceive you again.
        The greatest magicians have something to learn
        From Mr. Mistoffelees’ Conjuring Turn.
        Away we go!
        And we all say: OH!
        Well I never!
        Was there ever
        A Cat so clever
        As Magical Mr. Mistoffelees!
        He is quiet and small, he is black
        From his ears to the tip of his tail;
        He can creep through the tiniest crack,
        He can walk on the narrowest rail.
        He can pick any card from a pack,
        He is equally cunning with dice;
        He is always deceiving you into believing
        That he’s only hunting for mice.
        He can play any trick with a cork
        Or a spoon and a bit of fish-paste;
        If you look for a knife or a fork
        And you think it is merely misplaced–
        You have seen it one moment, and then it is gawn!
        But you’ll find it next week lying out on the lawn.
        And we all say: OH!
        Well I never!
        Was there ever
        A Cat so clever
        As Magical Mr. Mistoffelees!
        His manner is vague and aloof,
        You would think there was nobody shyer–
        But his voice has been heard on the roof
        When he was curled up by the fire.
        And he’s sometimes been heard by the fire
        When he was about on the roof–
        (At least we all heard that somebody purred)
        Which is incontestable proof
        Of his singular magical powers:
        And I have known the family to call
        Him in from the garden for hours,
        While he was asleep in the hall.
        And not long ago this phenomenal Cat
        Produced seven kittens right out of a hat!
        And we all said: OH!
        Well I never!
        Did you ever
        Know a Cat so clever
        As Magical Mr. Mistoffelees!

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      4. I do know Mister Mistoffelees! I saw (a version of) him play in Cats almost two decades ago in London and just loved the character! Thank you for bringing back those memories by sending me this lovely poem by Eliot! And now I’m off humming some musicals! 😄 xxxxxxxxxxxx

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      5. When I saw the Musical, Paul Nicholas played him and I just loved it! That was too many years ago to imagine but I remember it like yesterday. Elaine Paige sung Memories and her voice still haunts … xxxxxxxxxxx

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      6. Wow! The original cast! That’s awesome! And I also remember it like yesterday, it made a huge impression on me age 13! I immediately joined our jazz dance/musical/theatre group at school afterwards. 😊 xxxxxxxxx

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  5. Oh that’s hilarious! I would get a patent if I were you 🙂 You only have to create your own clip art, and the patent is in your pocket.
    I adore the Bond movies, and have seen them all. Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2018 to you! xxxxxxxxx

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