Show Your Laptop the Love It Deserves


Made with love – my knit-felted laptop sleeve


It´s almost a year ago that I got myself a new laptop, a MacBook, and I freely admit that I absolutely love it!

I´m not considering to marry it, like some guys I know do though. 😉

When I was confronted with the quest for a new laptop sleeve that should adorn it, I discovered that nothing really seemed to suit me. Of course, some printed designs were actually quite nice, but I very much dislike the stench of plastic most of the offered neoprene sleeves exude. And since my old laptop sleeve really looked kind of battered, I made do with an impromptu sleeve cut and sewn from an unused towel. This of course, was still no way to represent my ever growing love for my MacBook and so I decided to go a bit further and invest some time, money and effort to create my own unique sleeve.


Putting my laptop in its new sleeve always feels a bit like tucking it into bed. 😉


Don´t only ask what your laptop can do for you, but what YOU can do for your laptop


As you all know, I love crafting and creating things, and therefore it´s only natural that I also love knitting. (Somehow I always manage to only ever pick up those needles during winter though.)

Last winter I knit-felted a pair of slippers  which are still in good use and don´t show much signs of wearing although I assure you that they are worn very often.


felt shoes
My handmade, knit-felted slippers


The wool you use for knit-felting is not only very resistent but also water-repellent – as numerous unintended experiments with my slippers proofed. 😉

Which brought me to the idea that it would actually be the perfect material for a laptop sleeve.

I had some leftovers from the wool I used for the slippers but it clearly wasn´t enough. So a quick visit to my favorite DIY store was in order where I decided that grey would actually be very nice as a basic color.

Before you start knitting though, it´s important to consult the knitting instructions on the label to make sure that you don´t end up with too small or big a piece. The wool I use usually shrinks about 35 % after the washing (felting).


Safely protected on both sides by thick but non-too-thick covers of wool.


The rectangular piece I knitted was over a meter long and at some point I was wondering whether or not I was actually knitting a bedspread instead of a laptop sleeve. 😉 Of course this was then halfed because I had to sew it together on two sides, taking care to leave the third side open where afterwards I wanted to insert a zipper.

Although I trusted my calculations, and had some experience with this kind of wool, I put the gigantic thing not only with some detergent but also quite a big amount of doubt into the washing machine.


I just love the colors and texture of my new laptop sleeve.


In the end, all went well, I even had to adjust it a little and pull it a bit longer so it would close around the laptop, which you can easily do as long as it´s still damp.

If you wonder why it´s not a close fit, that´s because I wanted there to be a bit of room for my adapter and cable too.




And what is also great about my new sleeve is, that when I now sit in a café or library and get my laptop out, I don´t have to do it with supernatural speed anymore because I don´t want anyone to see my hideous towel sleeve. 😉



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84 thoughts on “Show Your Laptop the Love It Deserves

  1. My laptop sleeve is an old, organic cotton bag, the handles tied loosely together. I much prefer yours! I liked the story of how big it was before you felted it – lucky you have plenty of experience. You’ve reminded me of accidentally felting a really nice lambswool jumper when I was a teenager.

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Susan! I like the inpromptu idea behind your laptop sleeve. Before I knit-felted mine I used an old towel! 😂
      And I also accidentally felted a much-loved lambswool jumper when I was a teenager!!

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  2. OK today Sarah I have decide to write my comment in French so you will practice a little. Because you will need to learn Molière language for your next trip to Quebec (one day, I’m a dreamer)… Hi, hi – Cette housse de toute évidence fabriquée avec minutie et amour est tout simplement adorable. Tu es vraiment douée pour le bricolage et les arts et c’est toujours avec un réel plaisir que je découvre tes créations. Je te le dis, un jour il te faudra ouvrir une boutique Etsy!!!! Bon dimanche chère amie. -Dominique xoxo Have fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh là là! Quelle surprise! 😀
      Je vais essayer répondre en français mais je dois te prévenir – mon français est très mauvais! 😀
      Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire, Dominique! J´aime beaucoup créer des choses innovatives et votre enthousiasme me fait croire en le possibilité d´ouvrir une boutique Etsy un jour! Et je vais certainement visiter Quebec! Bonne semaine, chère amie! xoxo ❤

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      1. Je suis très impressionnée Sarah. Ton message est bien compréhensible. Il faut absolument persévérer et continuer à te pratiquer ton Français car déjà la base semble bien acquise. Bravo! Ah, j’espère bien une visite de ta part mon amie. Au plaisir. xoxo

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    1. Haha! 😀 Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and visit, Julia! And it really isn´t all that difficult, so why not try it and make your Mac happy instead of green-eyed? 😉 Have a lovely Sunday! And thank you so much for the follow! Going to hop over to your blog right away! Sarah 🙂

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  3. Now THAT Is a one-of-a-kind laptop sleeve. I’m not only impressed, I’m jealous of your knitting skills (of which I have zilch). Thanks for sharing this – really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. (Just as your laptop must feel!) 🙂

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      1. I will always remember that she was surprised that someone of my status (I have a posh accent?) would be so friendly. It was still a feudal society in northern rural areas. I guess being chatty has it’s advantages…😻

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  4. I love that soft sleeve you knitted for your MacBook Sarah…so much love! I am impressed! I am a little ashamed at the same time as I have never cared so much for my MacBook, I bought it in 2011 and it has loved me a lot, never given a moment of disappointment…touch wood! I have a very old cute pink cover that I borrowed from my daughter to protect it while travelling long distances other wise it always sits by my couch and smiles at me. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration to show love.

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    1. Thank you so much, Balroop! 🙂 And I´m sure your Mac doesn’t mind – I think they are wonderfully generous and forgiving in their love for us 😉 And pink is always a good choice!!
      Have a happy week, my friend! 😀 xxx

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  5. Wow, Sarah, you are talented! Your laptop sleeve is beautiful. My mom used to sew and knit, and she could make anything. Unfortunately, I didn’t take after her. 🙂 When I was in my early teens, though, she taught me how to knit an afghan, which turned out beautiful. But later, it developed a huge hole in the center of it. Oops! I still have it though for memories. 🙂 Anyway, the way you wrote this blog was truly clever and with love. And your slippers are cute, and I’m sure they’re warm and cozy. Love and hugs! ❤❤

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    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! I’m still only a basic knitter but dream of knitting a Swedish jumper one day with lots of reindeer. 😄 And I think it’s wonderful that you keep your afghan. These kind of things give fabric to our memories. Maybe one day you will take up those needles again – I’m sure your mom would smile seeing it from above. Much love and many hugs to you too! ❤❤❤


  6. Sarah, I think I will have to order one straight away. My laptop got quite envious too and yet it has a nice hot pink cover. I guess it is getting worn.
    Oh, the slippers too please, so comfy and warm I can imagine.
    Clever you.

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    1. Aww – thank you, Miriam! That’s so sweet! And I think a hot pink cover sounds lovely, I have one for my phone which is incredibly useful when I have to rummage in my purse to find it. 😉
      Have a very lovely week! xxx

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  7. Sarah, I think you’re onto a winning idea with this macbook sleeve – if I were you I’d take it out very slowly at cafes, on the table and soon you’ll be surrounded by people wanting to know where you bought the sleeve. Get ready to take orders!!( My iPad and I are similarly close and never far apart…it’s looking enviously at your lovely creation!) I had to laugh at how it was the size of a blanket to start with. A great protection for your trusty laptop. Oh, those slippers look so soft and warm and reminds me of ones my grandmother would knit for us every year – I’ve never had anything like it since she passed away. As always a joy to see your creations, Sarah. hugs xxx❤️

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    1. Thank you so much, Annika! 🙂 I had to laugh at your description about me better getting ready to take orders and of your beloved iPad enviously looking at the sleeve! 😀 So far no orders though which might be for the better because it took me ages to knit this one! LOL! And I´m so glad to have reminded you of your grandmother and the lovely slippers she made for you – there´s nothing quite like those tokens of love by our grandparents and parents. Love&hugs! xxx ❤

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  8. Wow! Sarah, this is a fabulous idea. I love that your cover is not only knitted but also felted – great idea. And that you plopped in some doubt when washing it – it’s the vulnerable spot that makes your creativity bloom.

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    1. Thank you so much, Sharon! I really love knit-felting, it makes for wonderful textures and keeps even more warm than normal knitwear. Next project will be a knit-felted hat! 🙂 Though I´m already afraid of what it might look like before it goes into the washing, probably could make an elephant wear it 😉
      Have a wonderful week!

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  9. How clever! We were just discussing laptop carriers and covers and I was bemoaning the fact that I could not find a good one for my large laptop. This is such a nice alternative to what I ended up getting!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, it can be so difficult sometimes to get the right size, I had the same dilemma with my old laptop. Maybe if you find some time, you could make your own knit felted sleeve – your laptop would definitely be grateful 😉

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  10. Sarah, this is wonderful; a beautiful, creative solution, and so much better than the smelly commercial sleeves.

    I still haven’t made any slippers, but I’m seriously thinking about making one of these beautiful sleeves for my iPad. At the moment, it’s in sleeve made from leftover material from another project. It’s not well protected, and definitely not very stylish. I may have to do a zipless version. Sewing zips is so not my superpower. xxxxxx 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Su!
      Making a sleeve for you iPad should be much faster to make and sewing zips is actually not so difficult, I even had to do this one by hand because my sewing machine protested against the thickness of the wool. Took me about ten minutes though 😉 Hope you will share the outcome as soon as you´ve made it! xxxxxxxxxx 🙂

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      1. I suspect that hand-sewing the zip would produce a better outcome for me anyway, so I’m glad to hear that it can be done.
        I have so many projects I want to do; I really should finish those I’ve started. Er … like the armchair :-/ and the cookbook xxxxx 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much, Jill! Those slippers are actually quite easy to make, if you find the time and they keep your feet wonderfully warm! It´s a bit like walking on clouds wearing them!
      Have a wonderful week! ❤

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  11. Brilliant idea❣️ I will certainly follow you and make one for my Macbook, th esleeve I have is no good. I have grey wool, no starts the counting and doubting. What a wonderful post, thanks for all the laughs. 😂😍😘

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  12. My MacBook was renamed ‘Morla’ after the turtle in Never Ending Story by the wonderful chap who operated on him in Boston last year. The reason for the name is because he was running SOOOOOO sloooooooowly at the time for reasons of my own ineptitude. I’m afraid he doesn’t have such a wonderful cover and I feel rather guilty but I too, dislike the smell of plastic things. I must rectify and prove to Morla that he is very much a love of my life …. your idea is perfectly perfect. Of course 😉Much love to you and Mac xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Oh, how I love that your Mac is called Morla – even though it means that he worked at a turtle´s pace 😉 The Never Ending Story was one of my favorite stories as a child and I made my mum read it to me so often I could tell it by heart. 🙂 And my Mac is also a he and goes by the name of Alan (after Alan Rickman whom I adored and because I always use the male British English voice when I play chess on my Mac 😉 ).
      Much love and many hugs to you and Morla! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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      1. I knew Alan Rickman quite well … he would be very flattered and honored to know your Mac bears his name! Never Ending Story I could also recite by heart because I had to read it so many times to the girls 😉 xxxxxxxxxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, that´s wonderful that you knew him personally, Fiona! I was so incredibly sad when he passed away, even though I didn´t know him, but I had a feeling that he was a wonderful man and person. Every man who loves Jane Austen can´t be anything else but exceptionally wonderful in my mind. 🙂 Such a great, great artist…
        I just wish my Mac would have his voice! 😀
        And how lovely that you had to read The Never Ending Story to your girls too!! Much, much love to you! xxxxxxxxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. He was taken much too soon … it was devastating. He was erudite, witty, serious, learned, all those things. Quite a potent mix and I think every woman he ever had contact with was a little in love with him. I now have his voice in my ears which is lovely – thank you. Much love to you too. I hope you are comfy and warm and snug as a bug in Berlin xxxxxxxxxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I can only imagine what it must have been like for you and all who knew him to loose him… Keep that voice in your ears – this way he will never be truly gone. Sending you warm, fluffy hugs and love – so much love! xxxxxxxxxx ❤

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