3-Day Quote Challenge #2 – Books


I´ve been tagged for the 3-Day Quote Challenge by my wonderful friend Ju-Lyn from over at Sunrise, Sunset – Matters of Perspective!

Thank you so much for tagging me, Ju-Lyn! I just love quotes!


“If you have enough book space, I don’t want to talk to you.”

– Terry Pratchett


This one says it all, doesn’t it? Terry Pratchett is also one of my very favorite writers. Whenever I need a dose of humor and magic, I tend to return to one of his books about the Disc World and reread it.


One of my many overloaded bookshelves (May 2018)



The Rules of this Challenge are as followed:

1) Thank the person who nominated you
2) Post a quote for 3 consecutive days ( 1 post each day )
3) Nominate 3 bloggers each day


And today I´m tagging the following bloggers for this challenge:

The Orangutan Librarian (for those in the know this is rather an obvious choice 😉 )

Sharon Bonin Pratt´s Ink Flare




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46 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge #2 – Books

  1. I absolutely love this quote, Sarah, and your shelves look like mine! In fact, I was in Target yesterday, walking the aisles and had reached the books. I had to literally work hard to walk right on by and not stop because I’m reading 2 at a time now and have others on the list. It’s as though I was passing up chocolate! 🙂 Hugs, my friend! 📚📘📖

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    1. Hehe! Thanks so much and I’m delighted your shelves look equally stuffed. 😉 Oh, those book ailes, I know their siren’s call only too well! 😂 Just borrowed to armfuls of books from my local library and am busy reading through them. Happy reading, dear Lauren! Hugs&love! 😄💕

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    1. Me too. 😦 I´m currently rereading The Time Thief, brilliant one but of course, it can’t replace the excitement we all have felt whenever a new book was published by him.
      And believe me, it was sooo difficult to choose a quote by him! 😀 ❤


  2. This quote made me laugh. Nope, not enough book space here but still I squeeze the new one in. Then it made me think about the books I choose to keep even thought I’ve read them. They are the books I’ll read again, and most I already have. Over the years, I’ve passed hundreds of book forward to other readers, and still I barely have any book space left. They aren’t all “classics” (though many are) but they are my classics.

    Thank you, Sarah, for nominating me. I am honored and will follow up with my own 3-Day Quote Challenge soon.

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    1. I´m so glad you enjoyed this quote, Shari! When I read it, I knew it was perfect and totally sums up all I feel about books. I´m currently busy sorting out my bookshelves to make room for new ones, and also give them away so someone else can enjoy reading them. But there are some books I really need to keep and that I reread on occasion like The Lord of the Rings, Narnia Chronicles, all word by Diana Gabaldon and a few more. My secret dream is to have one day a whole room just for storing books, some might call it a library. 😉

      And I look forward to read your quotes soon!

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  3. This is so good. I have to confess to never having read a Terry Pratchett book but do feel I should probably begin. Which of course will mean I have even less room. I do wonder sometimes if our procrastinating around moving house isn’t partly a fear of having to confront just how many books we actually have. xxxxx

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    1. He was really one of the best, incredibly wise, observant and on top of it all funny. Whichever book you will end up picking up, you won’t be disappointed!
      And I totally get that moving house with all those books will be a nightmare!! But since they´re really so much more than mere pages with writing on them, one has to do it. 😉 xxxxx

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      1. I’ll add him to my list of “authors I really should have read at my age.” 😀 And I agree; it has to be done. Then I can start on the other books that we took to the Big T’s parents’ place for storage about 25 years ago. 😂 xxxxxxx


  4. A terrific quote!! My book cases are overflowing, books everywhere … many homes are now minimalist but I would find it hard to live without being surrounded by books. My husband loves Terry Pratchett’s books as well. I look forward to your third and final quotation tomorrow! Have a lovely start to the week, Sarah! 😀❤️🌺

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    1. Thank you, Annika! I knew your book cases would be like that. 😉 I once had a professor whose walls were absolutely full with books, there was not one tiny spot free of them, and I absolutely loved it there!
      Have a great week too! 🙂 ❤

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  5. That makes me laugh a little. I’m going to be buried in my books. They just get stacked higher and higher and in front of each other. I know of no one in my neighborhood who has book shelves and has them full or over full. Personally, I could live in a book store and be quite happy. Especially if it has a coffee/snack shop in it. 🙂 I have nothing to talk about with people who don’t read. Sigh.

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    1. Then we both would get along very well I think. 😉 I also could live in a bookstore, I think that’s the secret dream of every passionate reader. Not many book hoarders in my neighbourhood too I fear but that’s okay- more books left for me. 😉 Have a wonderfilled Monday, Marlene!

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  6. That’s one amazing quote Sarah! I definitely don’t have enough book space😄 Thoroughly enjoying your quote challenge my friend & the pictures accompanying them:) ❤️


    1. Thank you! 😄 And you’re very welcome, hope you’ll find the time to do this challenge as I’m totally curious with which quotes you will come up. 😉 Have a great Monday! 💕

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  7. Terry Pratchett is one of the few people who have lived who I honestly believe was a genius. Whether or not you love his books is almost irrelevant when you consider the extraordinary workings of the mind that made them. This quote is priceless. I send you love xxx

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely visit and comment, Fiona! So good to see you around the blogosphere again!
      And I couldn’t agree more about what you said about Terry Pratchett. A man of his calibre could have lived twice as long as he had and still not reached his peak! Much love! xxx

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      1. It’s been a long while but this move really took it out of me emotionally – more than I expected. And then there were all the practicalities. But I will be writing this week. I have two posts planned …. I’ll try to make them reality! Xxx

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    1. Hehe! 😉 Thanks, Cathi! I can assure this one is the best looking of my shelves. There are huge bookpiles scattered all around my place, sometimes they shrink, then they grow again. I actually have a phobia of too orderly book spaces!! 😂

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    1. I’m sure you would love his books, Tracy. Especially since your love for Garfield proofs that you’ve got an excellent taste in humour. 😉 And that’s right – one can never read enough of his books which is why I always feel the sadness of his early passing everytime anew when I realize that there’s never again coming a new book by him out.

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