Seven Days Photo Challenge – Day 3

My wonderful friend Dominique over at 3C Style has tagged me in the Seven Days Photo Challenge!

Thanks so much, Dominique – I just love taking pictures! 🙂

The rules are:

Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanations. Challenge someone new each day.

Because of my love for Sepia, I can´t promise to only share B/W pics but since it´s monochrome either way, I hope you won´t mind. 😉 And I might even add the color version of some shots – I know: what a rebel, eh? 😂

And instead of challenging someone new each day, I want all of you who are interested in this challenge to take it up and join us having fun!


Angel in sepia



63 thoughts on “Seven Days Photo Challenge – Day 3

    • Thanks a lot, Su! I´m also fascinated by them which is one reason more why I love wandering around cemeteries. I´ve quite a lot of pictures already but never know how or when I should/can share them. Maybe I should start a series about Angels in Berlin or something like it. 😉 xxxxxxx

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      • Wings of Desire!!! I don’t know if you know the Wim Wenders film, but that was the first thing I thought of when you said Angels in Berlin. I love that film, and it’s probably the impetus for my angel fascination.
        Angels are quite rare on grave monuments here, so I am always thrilled to find one. xxxxxxx

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      • No, I don’t think I’ve watched it yet but am putting it right away to my ever growing list! I wonder why angels are so rare on grave monuments in NZ? Do you know? xxxxxxx


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