7 Days B/W Photo Challenge – Street Photography: Day 3


In honour of my 3rd blog anniversary this week, I´ve created a new Photo Challenge and hope that you will all join me!


And here are the rules of the “7 Days B/W Photo Challenge – Street Photography”:

  • Thank the person who´s nominated/tagged you and provide a link to their blog.
  •  Go out and take pictures of complete strangers for 7 days in a row and post one of them each day of the challenge (you can also post 7 photos in one post if you´re more comfortable with this).
  • The photos should be in b/w.
  • Nominate as many people as you like


This photo is my 3rd entry:


(U7 underground train, Berlin, 2018)


Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

50 thoughts on “7 Days B/W Photo Challenge – Street Photography: Day 3

    1. Thanks so much, Dominique! It rather does say a lot about our commuting habits nowadays, doesn´t it? But I was pleasantly surprised to notice during editing that not all of them were burried in their phones! 😀

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  1. Wonderful photo, Sarah! I love the depth and the feet! I confess to searching for heads down staring at their devices which is the case in some of the people, but not all. A couple of guys are even looking your way. 🙂 xoxo

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    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! The more I venture into street photography the more I notice that most people really do look on their phones instead of something else which makes it a bit hard to get new motives.
      And the couple of guys that were looking were probably just wondering what I was up to – what with kneeling on the floor of the rocky train! LOL! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. That’s the sad reality of nowadays and the need to be glued to cell phones. Everyone needs to look up more and see the world around them. 🙂 I’m sure those guys were wondering what you were doing. Happy Monday, my friend. I hope it’s a good one for you! xoxo

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  2. I love this! I love the lines and depth, and especially love that you’re showing personality through the feet. We feel like we know the commuters a little, but you’ve respected their privacy too. xxxxxx 😀

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    1. Thanks so much, Su! It’s quite tricky to get a good shot without trespassing the people’s privacy and of course one needs to take care not to make a full front shot of they don’t want you too. So keeping the lense on the feet is a good alternative I think.😉xxxxxxxx

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  3. These street photos are coming on a treat …. each one has been a pleasure – your perspective on the ordinary is quite wonderful. And I need to say Happy 3rd to you. One more step along the road you go … and you give joy with every one so I must remark that I hope you will never stop doing what you do, dear Sarah xxxxxxxx

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    1. Aww – thank you so much, Fiona! It’s been an up-and-down kind of a journey, as is life in general of course. But finding so wonderful friends like you is the absolute best part of it and I feel so very blessed with your friendship.
      Wish you a beautiful Sunday, dearest Fiona! Much, much love to you! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    1. I have to admit that I love watching people on trains. I’m creating little background stories and imagine where they are headed and why. Makes for much better entertainment than looking at your phone in my view. 😊

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      1. oh it is awesome to ponder footwear and all kinds of things from a still
        and again, the depth is so cool

        oh and my ending in photo in my “blue” post was inspired by you.
        I accidentally got a photo of a man from the neck down – and maybe would have deleted it – but I see this is kind of your stylish touch with street shots – you get parts of the body – and it is cool.
        Offers privacy and yet richness.
        How did you decide to do this?

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      2. I think I mostly did this because I don´t want to draw too much attention to myself and sometimes keep the camera at hip level and just shoot and hope for a nice outcome. And also because, as you say, it provides privacy and especially in our age of constant media attention an unwanted portrait can get you in a lot of trouble – not that I think they will ever discover the pics but you never know.
        And as a third reason I would have to add that I often like photographs that only hint at things, so my guess is, that I somehow subconsciously try to imitate this technique.

        Btw – your posts somehow stopped showing up in my reader!! Always have to head over to your webpage – do you know what this might cause? A friend of mine recently had the same problem with my blog too but we´re clueless why that is.


      3. I have no idea why my posts don’t show up – someone in the wp back scenes doesn’t like me? Kidding (half)
        And it is legal
        To take street shots.
        So even if folks see them once in public it is open (at least in states)
        But if I wanted to use the pics for a business there would be issues – but TMZ gets free public pics all the time and anyone can.
        However – the gray area ethics is one that I wrestle with sometimes.
        My son once got on me about it – but I was already churning –
        So I do try and ask now
        – or if I record and they gripe – or even seem put off (many smile) well I delete and stood

        I once met a lady in dc and we started talking about her tattoos and I asked her if I could record her talking about them – she said sure – but at home I had nothing but ugh! Deleted the video – something felt coerced or just maybe put her on the spot like a sales person and did not feel right!
        thankd For sharing about your take

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      4. Another blogger suggested unfollowing and refollowing again, will try this and let you know if it works.
        That’s the difficulty with asking people for their pics, it can seem to forced and so far I haven’t asked if might take a portrait shot from a stranger. I think it would only work if they feel comfortable in front of a camera and as much as everybody except me seems to love taking selfies they get shy when someone else wants to take their pic.

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      5. well I ha e usually had good response with people saying yes to a picture – only two NOs and then that one wheee she said sure but I felt off.
        And even with her I think I might have projected too much – like maybe what she shared was too sensitive (it was about a tattoo) but she did say yes and my hubs was there and said I should keep it.
        However – here is the thing –
        My good success rate (and I am talking out of hundreds of people shots – I might even be past 1,000 – the reason I have good replies – I think – is cos I only
        Ask when I feel chemistry
        _like the uncle holding the baby (recent photo for soft) we were talking in line for a few and had a rapport – maybe it is like being in sales!
        But I have an extrovert side (not to minimize my introvert needs- but extravert too – ambivert maybe) and I get some of this social outreaching from my mom- my mom makes acquaintances easy and modeled it. But I also have to be in the mood – oh and then lastly – people seem more on board cos this is the social media word we live in. I met two fellas at wings w my nephew and asked if we at a pic and they said “sure….for a fb post?”
        And I said blog – but they were game and knew what was up…

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      6. What you said about the chemistry makes total sense, also being gifted with a good portion of the extrovert side.
        What kind of camera do you use when you ask people for their pictures? A compact one or just the phone?

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      7. I have a nice camera I splurged on a few years ago and have a point and shoot – but mostly phone because it is impromptu shooting.
        Also – i know some will disagree but for me it is more about content in pic and okay if the quality is off.
        What about you? What do you think on that and do you use your expensive camera

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      8. For street photography I use a little Canon PowerShot as a bigger camera would draw too much attention I think. I seldom use my phone only when I happen to come along something unexpected and don’t have my camera with me.
        Content is definitely paramount!

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      9. Oh I feel similar about a big camera – and a couple times (very rare but has occurred) people were sorta expecting something from me – like I got the feeling they expected more than a blog post – prior noted pic and huge thanks –
        I dunno how to explain it – but seems more causal and easier rapport with small guns ! Hah
        Enjoyed comment sharing and peace to u

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