Silent Sunday


I don´t know much about cars, but I know that I like the style of this one. 😉



A Volvo oldltimer, I think (Berlin; August 2018)


oldtimer back

Love the line of the flat curve here (Volvo Oldtimer; Berlin; August 2018)


Anyone who knows more about it, feel free to share your knowledgle in the comment section. 😉




36 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Great pic, Sarah. I like the design and the graphic lines of this Volvo oldtimer. You captured her beauty perfectly. I also like the movement created by the presence of the man carrying boxes in the background. I’m very happy to hear that you’re getting better mon amie. I was worried about you. I am a little reassured now. By the way, your new photo is superb. Wow, you are BEAUTIFUL !!!! Keep well.

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  2. I’ve always loved old cars but know very little about them. My first car was a ’51 Studebaker I bought it from a neighbor boy that I ended up marrying. Our first date was an antique car show. We didn’t have many Volvo’s in the states all those years ago. That one is beautiful.

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    • Thank you, Marlene! I just had a look online at the ’51 Studebaker – what a beauty! They don’t make cars like this anymore. And how wonderful you ended up marrying the boy who sold you the car! Stories like yours make me smile.Thank you for sharing it! 😊

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    • They do evoke a sense of nostalgia, don’t they? As much as modern cars provide better security they often lack the beautiful designs the old ones had. It would be nice if someone made the effort to combine these two. ☺


    • It is all that, isn’t it? Wish I had a car like this, but then I’m more or less a bike kind of girl which is better for the environment anyway. 😄
      Thanks for stopping by, Shari! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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