The Changing Seasons – October 2018

  It´s time again for the wonderful challenge The Changing Seasons hosted by my dear friend Su from Zimmerbitch! “Creative” shopping At the beginning of October I felt the deep and irresistible urge to pay my favorite DIY store a visit. 😉 It´s part of the second largest department store in Europe after Harrod´s in London and itContinue reading “The Changing Seasons – October 2018”

Jurassic Park

This is the third and last part of my recent trip to the Berlin Aquarium (click here for parts 1 and 2) where we´re going to have a look at the reptiles and lizards. If you happen to know more about any of these, please feel free to share! As we leave the first floorContinue reading “Jurassic Park”

Autumn is here

Autumn is here. Today it´s cold and windy – no, make that stormy what with wind forces up around 5 and 6 – and the tip of my nose resisted warming up no matter how many cups of hot tea I drank whilst painting this little water color of a tree this morning. The treesContinue reading “Autumn is here”

Jellyfish Galore

  As promised, here are more photos from my recent trip to the Berlin Aquarium. Like before – because I failed to make a note of which fish etc I was busy taking pictures of – you can feel free to add information about the creatures on display here, if you´re so inclined. 🙂  Continue reading “Jellyfish Galore”

Into the Blue

  I´ve been to the Berlin Aquarium this week and thought I´d share with you some of the photos I made there. But because I made quite a lot of photos, and because I don´t want to overwhelm you with all of them at once, I´m going to split these into several posts. 😉 IContinue reading “Into the Blue”

Good Luck Charms

  There are many things considered Good Luck Charms, some of the most popular being the four-leaf clover, horseshoes, dice, ladybugs, a rabbit´s foot… the list goes on and on. When I was at school I had several lucky charms though I only remember one of them now, a little turtle that was made fromContinue reading “Good Luck Charms”