Jellyfish Galore


As promised, here are more photos from my recent trip to the Berlin Aquarium.

Like before – because I failed to make a note of which fish etc I was busy taking pictures of – you can feel free to add information about the creatures on display here, if you´re so inclined. 🙂


When you enter the Aquarium, there´s a lovely big pond where kids and adults alike are always having lots of fun petting the koi fish:


petting kois

Petting koi fish (Oct 2018)


It was pretty difficult to get some decent pics of the koi, I guess I still need to find out more about shutter speed etc but actually I kind of like these blurry images which were of course totally intended to be that way. 😉



Blurry koi (Oct 2018)

ghost fish

Ghost fish (Oct. 2018)


If you´re anything like me and don´t really like or simply can’t find the time to clean your windows, you should consider getting one of these as a house/flat/room mate, they´d love cleaning them for you – given your home is situated under sea level of course. 😉


blue beauty

Blue beauty – sea urchin “Mespilia globulus” (Oct 2018)


And let´s hope that humankind will come to its senses rather sooner than later or these corals are going to be to only ones left over…


corral reef

Coral reef (Oct. 2018)


I´m not quite sure what these tiny particles actually are – maybe just air bubbles – but I really liked what this looked liked. 🙂


light in the blue

Light in the blue (Oct 2018)


And in order to keep up with the movie references, this guy here somehow reminded me of Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca… 😉


eye to eye

“Here´s looking at you, kid” (Oct 2018)


And here I had a feeling that this boy would have loved to dive in the tank to get even closer…

close up

Eye to eye with the Big Guys (Oct 2018)


And now to the picture that gave this post its name:


jellyfish galore

Jellyfish galore (Oct 2018)


Hope you had fun joining me on this tour – next time we´re leaving the underwater creatures behind and are going to visit the amphibian and reptilian animals!



53 thoughts on “Jellyfish Galore

  1. Wonderful photos, Sarah, and thanks for sharing with us. I especially love Humphrey Bogart and the coral reef, but they’re all great. I’ve also been fascinated with reptiles (behind glass) so can’t wait for that post. Have a great weekend! ❤❤❤

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    • Thanks so much, Lauren! I have a soft spot for underwater landscapes as they’re so different from ours, like something out a fairytale. And I’m also fascinated with reptiles and did quite a lot of photos of them too. 😉 Wishing you a wonderful weekend too, my friend! Hugs&love! ❤❤❤

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  2. The jellyfish galore are so pretty, but I have to say my favorite is the blue beauty with all the sparkling spines (or whatever they are). Nature is amazingly creative and nowhere is it more fantastical than under the sea. 🙂 Loved that photo!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, Diana! And I couldn’t agree more – nature is amazingly creative!! Like your lovely poem about Mrs N having fun painting like Jackson Pollock so beautifully expressed. 😄 And I loved those sparkling spikes too!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, Iris!! 😀 It´s a wonderful place to take pictures in, although sometimes I need to use my elbows to get close enough to the water tanks what with all those other visitors. 😉
      Have a beautiful day, my friend! Hugs&love! xoxo ❤

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    • Thanks so much, Lisa! I just love the Aquarium and discover something new every time. 😀 💕

      P.S. I´ve been leaving a couple of comments recently on your lovely blog but it seems they didn´t make it or landed in Spam??


  3. Another nice post, Sarah. Thanks for taking us along with you on your visit of the Berlin Aquarium. I especially like “Here´s looking at you, kid” and “Eye to eye with the Big Guys”. It’s funny to see this boy fascinated by what he observes and interact spontaneously with the shark. Your photo and your creativity highlight a scene that we see regularly but that we consider wrongly “too ordinary” to capture our interest. I agree with you. These simple moments like this are of great value in our lives.


    • I´m so glad you enjoy these visits, Shari! It´s a wonderful place and I really enjoy being there every time. Taking pictures is sometimes a bit challenging what with the critters not really being cooperative at times and stand still for just a sec but that´s the nature of things. 😉 And also for what good cameras are for. 😉
      Have a lovely weekend!

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    • Thanks so much, Jill! I’d love to make this tour with all my friends here in person but until beaming is invented we’ll have to do with sharing pics. 😉
      Have a wonderful weekend! ❤

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  4. really fun post and how cool to see folks allowed to put their hands in the water to touch the fish – so often it seems everywhere we go it is “hands off” and “no pics” and so it was cool to them in action.
    and my fav here was the “Blue beauty – sea urchin” and I could see that one in a frame on the wall – but each pic has a nice mood and so the underwater world is so diverse from us ground folks, eh

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