The Changing Seasons – January 2019

  It´s time again for the wonderful challenge The Changing Seasons hosted by my dear friend Su from Zimmerbitch!   Curly Sue   January started with me keeping my promise to make my mum´s new perm. We actually wanted to do this in late October but had to change plans because she didn´t feel so well.    Continue reading “The Changing Seasons – January 2019”

Are You Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables?

Fortunately I´m one of those people who actually like the taste of healthy food, so I can answer this question with a “yes”. (Don´t get me wrong though, I also have quite a taste for lots of unhealthy food as well.) But I have to admit that, especially in winter, it´s sometimes a bit ofContinue reading “Are You Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables?”

A New Be(a)rliner

  You might already have heard about it, but in case you haven’t – here in Berlin we are proud to present a new polar bear cub!! (Remember the hype over Knut the Polar Bear a couple of years ago?) The news prompted me to make this little water color you see above. 🙂 TheContinue reading “A New Be(a)rliner”

Doodling to Become Zen

  I´m sure many of you did feel just as stressed out over the last holidays as I did. Which if you think of it, is ridiculous really, we should feel happy and excited, like we did when we we´re kids. I mean – it´s the holidays, right? So, to help me get into aContinue reading “Doodling to Become Zen”

The Curse of the Lost Postcards

  At the beginning of last December, I´ve send quite a lot of handmade Christmas cards to friends and family because I wanted to surprise them with something especially made for them and because I rather enjoy painting these small motif cards that are mainly done in an hour or two. Unfortunately these two seemContinue reading “The Curse of the Lost Postcards”

The Changing Seasons – Dec. 2018 – Or: What I´ve Been Up to During My Blog Break

First of all: Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!! 🙂   And without further ado now to that new blog post. 😉 It´s time again for the wonderful challenge The Changing Season hosted by my dear friend Su from Zimmerbitch! I urge you to visit her blog as it is simply one ofContinue reading “The Changing Seasons – Dec. 2018 – Or: What I´ve Been Up to During My Blog Break”