The Curse of the Lost Postcards


At the beginning of last December, I´ve send quite a lot of handmade Christmas cards to friends and family because I wanted to surprise them with something especially made for them and because I rather enjoy painting these small motif cards that are mainly done in an hour or two.

Unfortunately these two seem to be the only ones that have arrived at their particular destinations:


And here comes the rest of them that don’t seem to have made it:



This one was for you, Dominique, because I know how much you love foxes! 🙂



This one was for you, Su, incidentally we both seem to have chosen Christmas tree balls. 😉


snowman wearing a top hat

This one was for you, Shari. 🙂



The fox on the left was for you, Chris! And incidentally, I send you an elk last year as well!! Too bad that also never arrived. 😦


These are just a couple of those cards, that I could hand over personally to my family:



Over the course of the past year or so, I also send these greeting cards to fellow bloggers and friends – you know who you are. 😉



And then there was this couple of cards that did take quite a lot of time and effort, but never made it either, and their loss really broke my heart a little…



Prima ballerina (water color on paper, 2018)





Seal with a Fish (water color on paper; 2018)


As these two were send by registered mail, I foolishly thought, their arrival was a given.

I even made a request for an inquiry to their whereabouts, but it only confirmed what I knew all along, and that is, that they are truly and forever lost.


So, what´s left for me is, that I feel like I´m under a postcard curse. That or Posting services all over the world are highly incompetent and unreliable.

And what really makes me angry is, that whoever ripped these cards from their envelopes to have a look if they might contain some money (because that seems to most likely have happened), didn´t even have the decency to pass them on once he/she discovered that there wasn´t any money to be had. Would that really have been too much to ask for? I think not.

As much as I would love keep sending handmade cards to my friends, I don´t think it would be wise to keep doing it.

Which leaves me with the only other possible solution – I´ll have to visit them all in person one day and bring my cards for them along with me. 😉


87 thoughts on “The Curse of the Lost Postcards

  1. what a shame !! … I never realized postal services were that unreliable !!! … The cards are really beautfiful, I especially enjoy the ballerinas, the gold fish and the lighthouse and the geisha!!! …

    Happy New Year Sarah, keep it up !! … I don’t visit as often as I used to, but I’m very busy and tired these days

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  2. These are lovely!! I’m sorry most of them don’t seem to have turned up (yet)- though hopefully they can still reach their destination- cos they’re all so beautiful!! I love the winnie pooh one, the fox and all the snowmen- heck I just love them all!! 🙂 ❤ I really like your selection for ones you've sent throughout the year as well. That prima ballerina is gorgeous- I'm glad you've got a photo of it at least. It's really stunning. And aww that seal. It sucks that people have been opening post that doesn't belong to them and stopping these getting where they need to go :/ But your work is really exquisite! ❤

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    • Aww – thank you so much!!! 😀 ❤ You really made my heart sing with joy! ❤
      I do nurture that little bit of hope that some of them will turn up eventually but even if they don´t, I at least could share them here with you all. 🙂
      And you´re totally right – people who open post that doesn't belong to them really just suck!
      Thanks so much again! Have a beautiful day! ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. I feel your frustration & aggravation! I can’t imagine how this can happen – it unfortunately adds more reasons to use electronic cards & mail, which is so sad.

    So glad you took photos of all your cards – thank you for sharing them with us. My favourite is the seal ….

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    • Aww- thank you, Ju-Lyn! Even though I love all my “babies” I have to admit that that seal is a favorite of mine too. 😉
      And yes, from now on only electronic cards and such – sadly.


  4. I can’t believe that someone stole so many of your cards! It’s a shame when we can’t even trust the post office any more…And those cards are beautiful. What a thoughtful way to share your holiday wishes. I guess you’ll just have to hand them all out next year!

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  5. Beautiful cards indeed and the intend even more beautiful!
    I have that same dream to visit the connections I made through blogging one day 🙂
    Hope all is well, dear Sarah. Hugs! XxX

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    • There´s not even a way to find out in which country my cards have been lost, it could be mine or any of the others really. Such a sad thing to happen when all I wanted to do is bring some smiles unto my friends´ faces…


  6. OMG I feel so terrible! This has happened to me SO many times that I lost all the motivation to make or send postcards! It’s the saddest thing ever.
    Your artwork is really beautiful and it’s an utter shame. The postal service is really not up to the mark in any country, I suppose

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    • Thank you very much for your lovely comment, and I´m so sorry you too have experienced this. I totally get that you´ve lost all motivation to send cards as well. I guess we both will have to rely on emails and such instead from now on. What a sad mess this world seems to become.

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  7. I echo the comments of your other readers. What a horrible thing to have happen! Each card was a little jewel to be treasured by its recipient. Pooh is my favorite, although I like each and every one of them!

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    • Thank you, Liz! I still can’t believe that most of them didn’t make it, it just feels so wrong. At least I thought of taking pictures, that’s something. ☺
      And I enjoyed painting the Pooh card so much, always loved the original illustrations. Glad it’s your favourite! ☺

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  8. Sarah, this is such an awful experience for you, for us too. I’ve never experienced such Post Office loss, and have no advice about what to do. Seems like the authorities should be getting involved as the number of thefts is staggering. It can’t be you the criminals are targeting, so I imagine there are losses to hundreds or thousands of people. I hope this affair is investigated.

    I feel so badly as you worked so hard, and your art is lovely. What a terrible shame to think it’s all been trashed. Please don’t stop painting, but maybe hold on to your little treasures and only hand them out in person. And I really love the one I was supposed to get.

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely words, Shari! I will keep painting, promise. 😊
      I’m more sad for you and all the others who didn’t get their cards because I know how much I love getting postcards from friends. It’s always special that moment you open your mailbox and look at a lovely surprise that makes you smile. I guess I will have to rely on electronic means from now on, meaning sending you a photo of the painting and let you print it, although I know it just isn’t the same. Or hand deliver it, that would be great fun I imagine. 😄

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  9. I would be so happy one day to receive a card delivered in person by you! You know me so well; I really love foxes, among other for their mysterious side and their graceful walk. Thank you for this beautiful card, Sarah. I’m so touched. I appreciate not only the beauty of your artwork but also the precious time that you put in doing it. I am sorry to hear that once again the post has not been effective in the delivery of your cards. What a pity! They were all so beautiful. The ballerina, the seal, the Christmas tree balls and the gold and orange fish are particularly stunning.The little owl, penguin and the fox are so cute, too. They would make excellent emojis. 😍 Much love and hugs dear friend. xoxo

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    • Thank you so much, dear friend! And you can imagine how it breaks my heart that I have again failed in sending you a card. I know it’s not me who’s guilty of its disappearance but I feel just awful because of it anyway, like a fraud really. I’ll really have to deliver the next one personally. 😉
      Wishing you a wonderful and very Happy New Year, Dominique! With lots of joy, creative moments and fun! Much love and many hugs! xoxoxo ❤
      P.S. Going to write you an email as soon as I can!! So sorry it’s taking me so long again!💕

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      • Dear Sarah,
        Please stop worrying about this whole thing. I understand how frustrating it must be, but as you say: It is not your fault and I received both cards via the Internet. They are so beautiful. One of them has already been printed and I will have it framed soon. The other one also will be printed and framed. I’m going to put them both in my office where I’m writing my posts. Your artworks will serve me as sources of creative inspiration! I am also late in my correspondence. Another friend has been waiting for my reply to her email for almost a month! I consider our exchanges like little joys that come without me expecting it and, above all, without any pressure. I know you will write when you have time. This can be in a month or two. It does not matter. When I’ll read you it will be wonderful. Besides, it seems to me that I made you wait more than once!!!! All my best wishes for 2019. 💕💕💕

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      • You´re so right, Dominique, I really need to stop letting this mess with my head so much. What´s happened, happened, and there´s no way to change that. Here´s to looking forward and me sending you lots of jpeg files of paintings you can print out! 😉
        And I completely echo your thoughts of those little joys your emails represent to me – they are always a wonderful highlight and make me smile from one ear to the other! 😀
        Hope all is well with your and your family! All the best to you too! Much love! xoxo

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  10. Your cards are so much more than cards, Sarah – they’re amazingly beautiful works of art. I’m so sorry this happened to you, to them, and to the intended recipients. It’s rather shocking that the vast majority of them would be stolen or ripped open and discarded. Ugh. I have trouble mailing books these days (they never make it), so I insure everything I value now. The dollar or two are worth it, and miraculously, everything arrives. ❤

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    • Thank you, Diana! ❤ It really is heartbraking and sadly I didn’t know about the extra insurance but thought having it registered, which already costs 3 EUR more than a normal letter, it would do the trick. Apparently not.
      And I’m so sorry to hear that you also have trouble mailing these days, the whole thing seems to become rather endemic.

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      • You were right Sarah. Having it registered costs enough to warrant you a safe delivery. Court papers that sometimes deal with bigger issues are handled the same way..My guess is that your problem resides in your local postal distribution center. And low grade pay isn’t any excuse for stealing. If you’re not able to get a better paid job, it just means you’re working at the ceiling of your abilities. Stealing from mail is definitively stupid and not a wise career move.

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  11. This is heart-breaking Sarah. I’m gutted to know it wasn’t only my card that didn’t arrive. I wish I couldn’t believe how incompetent and/or corrupt postal and courier services have become, but sadly I’ve had too many similar experiences.
    All of your cards are beautiful, and I love the tree ornaments — especially the colour which is absolutely my favourite.
    I feel even more grateful for the cards which have made it here safely!
    I’m sad that you won’t be sending cards, but very happy with the thought of a visit instead 🙂 xxxxxxx

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    • I was so hoping you’d like the card and I just wish it would have arrived! I’ll send you the jpeg though, then you could print it if you like, even though it’s not the same of course.
      And I’m so sorry to hear that you also had so many disappointing experiences with postal services. 😦
      And I’ll be looking forward to bring you lots of cards when I visit! 😄 xxxxxxx

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  12. With the cards you sent by registered mail, you have an issue to file a complaint. I would do it. And as a collateral I would mention all the other ones that weren’t sent by registered mail. Do you know that the Secret Service has the duty to investigate those complaints? Gives them something more useful to do then to protect that orange orangutan in the White House.

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    • Thank you for your comment, Urban! And I couldn’t agree more – investigating the whereabouts of these cards would indeed be more useful than keeping watch over that orange orang-utan. 😉

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  13. Pooh is safely ensconced in his book for now, Sarah. Maybe framed later this year. I am so sorry you lost so many pieces of art. I’m glad you had the foresight to photograph each one though. I love the owls saying Hoo Hoo Hoo instead of HO HO HO.. 😉 Postal service is deteriorating at a rapid rate everywhere. I mentioned it at the post office last week and they said they can’t keep employees. Mail is winding up everywhere except where it should be and yes, many are pilfering or just not bothering to deliver. Hand carried could be fun. 😉

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    • I think hand carried would be great fun too. 😉 And I’m so glad yours has arrived safely and now keeps this wonderful book company – it couldn’t find a better place. 😊
      And I was hooting with owlish laughter when I made that card. 😉
      It’s sad times that employees at the post office don’t seem to take any pride in their job anymore. As I understand it they get paid very little, but still… 😦

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      • It’s a different world, Sarah. My daughter works circles around most of the office staff and can’t get a raise or promotion due to the fact she has no college. The bosses call her from all over the country for help but it doesn’t count. Very disheartening for her to want to stay there. They appreciate her work but will not reward it.

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      • I´m so sorry to hear that about your daughter, Marlene. It´s a mess of a world really when people aren´t paid enough to make a decent living. I have the same thing going on and apart from not earning enough, there´s also that sadness to accompany it. What good does a “thank you” from your bosses get you when they´re not willing to recognize your abilities by paying a good salary? Nothing. 😦 I hope she´ll find a better paid job soon, there´s not much sense in loyalty anymore if you can´t pay your rent…

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      • It’s rough everywhere in the world and we have first world problems. We have a roof and food. She’s moving in with me and that will help us both. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet. She’s actively looking for work from home that she could do from anywhere in the world. Dreamer but you never know.

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