Unbelievably Selfish


In case you´re wondering whom I´m accusing of being unbelievably selfish – it´s me! Yes, really. I can´t believe that I’m actually that kind of person, but it´s true.

I mean – look at all those fabulous blogs out there and me having silently enjoyed reading them like a squirrel hoarding and guarding its nuts without the slightest intention of sharing them with you!


b:w squirrel
“Stay away! This is my nut!” (Red squirrel in black&white, Berlin 2017) 


This obviously has to stop!

So, from now on, I intend to share some of the wonderful blogs I’m privileged to read and hope that you will enjoy them, too, and maybe even start following them.

The blogs I´m going to share can be about anything from other dedicated artists, to movie critics, book lovers, photographers or baking queens and kings. Anything that draws me in and interests me or that I think should get more attention.

Tomorrow I will start sharing the first blog, so: stay tuned!

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54 thoughts on “Unbelievably Selfish

  1. Selfish, you? There is not an ounce of selfishness in you. Nice way to get our attention though. And that pic of the squirrel… Lovely! It’s a great idea to reblog the blogposts you like – I should do it more often too. Once again you inspire us Sarah! Hugs from Montreal.

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    1. Aww – thank you, Dominique! But I can assure you that I can get quite selfish from time to time, just put a bowl of cherries or strawberries in front of me. 😉 I blame being an only child for that! 😀 LOL!
      Have a wonderful week, dear friend! Hugs and kisses! xoxo ❤

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    1. That´s true. 😉 Though to some things I can definitely say never, like bungee jumping! 😂
      And a little selfishness isn’t a bit thing, you know. 😉
      Have a wonderful week, Inese! xxxxxxxx

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    1. Aww – thank you, Su! ❤
      And I know what you me – it took me over three years to do this now! LOL! 😀 And you already have such a busy blogging schedule, everyone would understand if you don't do this. Have a lovely Sunday evening! 😀 xxx

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      1. Thank you. We had a beach walk and discovered a new (NZ) TV documentary series about a firm of undertakers in Auckland. I hardly ever watch TV, but it was unexpectedly good. Wishing you a warm and creative week.

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      2. Undertakers?! Now I´m curious! Must be all those Stephen King and Neil Gaiman books I´ve read! 😂 My fantasy is easily triggered. 😉
        have a wonderful week too! xxxxxx

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      3. Damn! Just tried to watch the first episode but there´s a notice that I can´t do so from outside NZ because of rights!! What the f*#/ !(Please excuse my French!!) Do you know if it´s available on youtube as well?

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  2. That was on my list of things to do with my blog this year and here a month and a half have gone by and barely written two posts much less shared any others. Shame on me. I’ll get there too. So much to do so little…energy? Thanks for the reminder. Hugs. 😉

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    1. You´re welcome, Marlene! 🙂 I know what you mean with so much to do and so little energy to get it all done. I sometimes think it would be convenient if days were twice as long. But then we would also need more energy and would probably find other ways to not do the things we actually want to do… Have a lovely Sunday! Hugs! 😀

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  3. What an excellent idea, Sarah! What I really like about the idea is that you turn away from the focus on yourself. When I really like a post, I use the reblog button, when it is available. Perhaps I should do it more often …

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      1. Some people hide the reblog button (I do) because it makes a complete copy of the post, including images. There’s also the “press this” button, but I don’t know what it does … maybe it copies just the beginning of a post?

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      2. Thanks for explaining! I just did the reblog and think it only copied the beginning and two pics of the post I wanted to share and added automatically a link to the original post. I´m not sure what the Press this button is for either.

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    1. Hehe! I totally get being lazy! 😉 I hope I will be able to keep this up! There are so many great blogs that could do with lots more of attention. Not sure how much I can do to change that but I will certainly give it a try!
      Have a lovely weekend! 😀

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