When Fashion and Nature Collide – The Winter Outdoor Activities Issue

As much as I love listening to music and audiobooks, I have to admit that as an artist I´m mostly influenced by visuals. That is to say photographs, paintings and drawings, sculptures, movies or simply a sudden and unexpected splash of color that stands out in a mass of gray.

One of the blogs that I can reliably count on in this respect is 3cstyle. Apart from many other wonderful blog posts that Dominique writes, she also works together with Darren from over at The Arty Plantsman and Lisa from over at Lismore Paper to create these fabulous monthly capsules called „When Fashion and Nature Collide“.

The latest edition appeared in January and was simply exquisitely wonderful: beautiful outfits, wonderful tips and tricks on how to dress during winter and lovely pictures of Dominique modeling side by side with beautiful Alpacas.


The summer months are not the only time of year that you can take on the great outdoors. When it comes to winter, however, you do need to be a bit more prepared for the elements! Fortunately, there are ways to dress for winter outdoor activities that do not limit your ability to move, get crazy and have fun! Let’s take a look at some of the best ways.
For our January edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide I went skiing, skating, snowshoeing and I visited an alpaca farm… Yes, I layered like an onion but I made sure it was done properly and with style ––With the help of Lisa’s beautiful artwork! See below what she did with Darren’s onion drawing. Stunning, simply stunning art.
snowshoeing&onioncollage4Photography of 3C Style by Marie-Claude Viola –– Artwork by Lisa Lawrence, Lismore Paper, & Darren Sleep, The Arty Plantsman –– Photo…

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28 thoughts on “When Fashion and Nature Collide – The Winter Outdoor Activities Issue

  1. I once worked with a teacher who you always make me think of. She was a 5th grade teacher filled with color and creativity. She reminded me that many people thrive better with color and images rather than flat words.

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    • That´s funny – I do work as an art teacher for 5th and 6th graders! 😀 I´m sure I would enjoy talking with the one you knew, she sounds like my cup of tea. 😉


  2. Yes, the Alpacas stole the show! Such beautiful and kind animals, too. I definitely will take you see this Alpaca farm when you come visit me in Montreal. In a near future I hope. xoxo Thank you for your kind words, Sarah.

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    • You´re very welcome, Diana! I´m not much into fashion myself though I know what I like and what not – and hopefully what suits me! 😂 But I enjoy beautiful clothes and can never resist having a look at what is en vogue. 😉
      Hope you enjoy Dominique’s blog as much as I do! Have a happy week! ❤

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    • You´re most welcome, Lisa! Of course, I plan to do reblogs of you and Darren too, but I thought one golden nugget at a time. 😉
      Really am a big fan of these capsules and already look forward to your February edition!! Have an awesome Sunday! Hugs and much love back to you! 😀 xoxo ❤

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  3. I definitely a visual person. I understand things more when I have visual aids. Just words alone I have problem grasping things. For an artist like you, I can imagine visual must be the key part of you thinking process all the time (of course musician is different but perhaps I am wrong with that).

    Such a lovely picture.. I just love it.

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    • I think many people are like that, and it shows in a lot of studies too that visuals help to understand certain concepts or ideas better.

      That picture is gorgeous, isn’t it? Instantly fell in love with it! 😀

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