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I know from reading comments that some of you already know my friend Marlene from over at „In Search Of It All“, so this is mainly for those, who haven’t had the pleasure yet to meet her here on WordPress.
Marlene is really one of those bloggers whom I always look forward to to read because I never know what she might come up with next. 🙂
It might be some lovely childhood memories – about which she writes just beautifully so that you feel like you’ve been there as well – or about one of her many creative projects, of which the art of quilting takes a big part.
And then there’s the thing we both love tremendously – books.
In this post I’m going to reblog and share with you, she writes about two of the blogs she follows, (and which I also follow 😉 ), naming Dr. French and Jennie, and about leaving a comment on the former’s blog (she embedded a link in her post and I urge you to follow it and read it) that she didn’t intend to publish but accidentally did.
Which turned out to be one of the best mistakes she could have made, because it started a wonderful conversation on her blog as well as on the others!
It’s an honest and beautiful comment and exactly what blogging should be all about.
And if you’re anything like me, you’re going to love her photos of her overflowing bookshelves! 🙂


I have a hard time with certain blogs I visit. I also have difficulty with groups I belong to when it comes to discussing childhood activities.

I was never really a child. I sometimes think I was born old in a tiny body. Well, not so tiny, actually. Does 13 pounds qualify as an infant?

Dr. French often asks questions on his blog and I really want to answer. Especially since he has been so kind and encouraging of my continuing to write my drivel. Most of the time I click the like button and disappear. This time, I wrote a comment, copied it to a word document that I keep for unpublished comments and began to delete the comment from his post. I hit send instead. You can read the drivel I left here.

Another blog that makes it hard for me but I usually gush over even…

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26 thoughts on “Comment Oops

  1. Your intro to Marlene’s blog is wonderful Sarah and her post and comment to Charles were quite lovely. But what really touched me are all the beautiful comments from bloggers and the heartfelt replies from Marlene. I think I read them all. Thank you Sarah for introducing me to Marlene. I can’t wait to get to know her better. She seems like a delightful and kind spirit. Like her I used to put Likes on blog posts but made very few comments because I felt my English was not good enough. And it took me forever to write a simple comment. Still does. Lol. Now, you know why it takes me so long to reply to your beautiful letters. Have a wonderful week dear friend.

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    1. You’re very welcome, my friend! And I’m so glad that this and all those wonderful comments and replies touched your heart – they touched mine too which is why I simply had to do this reblog, I think.
      Like you it’s still a bit of a challenge for me as well to write comments in English, sometimes, after I posted them, I read through them again and notice all those awful mistakes which make me cringe and pray that no one minds! 😀
      But I think you’re doing superb!! And maybe it’s a good thing it takes a bit longer for us, this way we get to think properly (or almost 😉 ) before we write.
      And never worry about replying to my emails – I know how busy you are and when it comes, I’m thrilled, no matter the time! Of which of course you should take as much as you like, time that is. 😀
      have a beautiful week too, Dominique! Hugs&love! xoxo

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      1. Your writing is superb too Sarah. Thanks for such a lovely reply. As I’ve come to expect from you over the years. Big hugs from across the ocean.

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    1. You’re very welcome, Charles! 😊 Yes, like you she truly is a wonderful person, I’m so glad we’ve all met here on WP. Have a wonderful and creative week!

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  2. I feel the same way about Marlene and her blog. I just love what she has to say. This Oops post is a fine example and one of my favorites. Marlene always signs her posts, “from my heart to yours”, and that definitely says it all. Thank you, Sarah.

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  3. A beautiful post, Sarah. What a touching post from Marlene, and her comment on Charle’s blog was wonderfully heartfelt. Supporting literacy and libraries, and putting books in every child’s hands, are gifts of unimaginable consequence. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Diana! I couldn’t agree more with you – supporting literacy and libraries are so very important. I still remember the first book I’ve read (The Isle of Adventures by Enid Blyton) and I think everybody who loves books does too. 😊 It opened up a whole new world to me, one i get never tired of. ❤

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