A Problem Solved


I came up with my latest clay project in order to help me with a little problem that I had, and that I think might sound familiar to some of you as well.

If you’re anything like me, you make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, only to let something distract you, and then when you remember your hot drink you find that it has become lukewarm or even cold in the meantime.

Ugh, right?




So I made a couple of clay tiles, some of which I printed with a pattern.

The tiles had to dry for two days before I could continue with my project – did I ever mention how much I hate waiting?!

When the tiles were ready, I put them together to build little cubes that were open on two sides with a small hole on top.


Unfired single-mug-warmer (jan. 2020)





Et voilà! My ‘Single-Mug-Warmer’ was born!!

But of course, the warmers had to be fired, then glazed and fired again before they were ready for use…





Turquoise glazed mug warmer (Febr. 2020)


Turquoise glande mug warmers (Jan. 2020)



Olive-green glaze on red clay mug-warmer (jan. 2020)





Now I only had to put my mug of coffee on top of the warmer and light a tea candle underneath it to keep the coffee warm for as long as I like.

Finally my “cold-coffee/tea”-problem is solved!!!



My mug warmer in action! (February 2020)

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57 thoughts on “A Problem Solved

  1. What a wonderful and creative idea. I only got to understand how it works when I got to the end, but nonetheless, I love the clay tiles. Wouldn’t they make a wonderful wall mural as well? My mom was a ceramicist so I certainly appreciate how beautifully you glazed these works. Inspiring.

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    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment, Peta! And I love your idea to use these tiles for a mural, it would look very Portuguese I think. 😊


  2. Sarah!!! You have outdone yourself. This is marvelous. I come from an art family, so I’m not saying this lightly. Think you have hit your stride and should sell them. They are gorgeous. I would love to be your first customer. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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