Film Friday – “Never Tell Me The Odds!”




Film Fridays is a project initiated by Darren from over at The Arty Plantsman and me.

After doing a daily music challenge for a month last year we talked about doing something similar for movies.

And the current global lockdowns give us the perfect excuse to start!
Many of us are confined to home with only the TV for company so we thought we would start ‘Film Fridays’ so that we can talk about our favourite movies and hopefully give our readers some ideas for things to watch.
We would be delighted if you would join us!
Just tag your post with #FilmFriday and do a pingback to either Darren’s or my posts so that we can can have a look at yours! You can also copy the “Film Friday” poster I came up with.

We don’t necessarily want to talk about the nerdy technical details but more about why these films speak to us as individuals, why they have a place in our hearts, and any personal memories they evoke.

So please join us each friday when we will each be talking about a different movie from our list of favourites!


Yoda (pastel chalk on cardboard; April 2020)


For those of you who don’t recognize the quote from the title: it’s made by  Han Solo from Star Wars, and now more than ever this quote resonates a lot in me.

I fell in love with the whole Star Wars universe the instant the yellow letters flickered over the screen of my TV and the epic soundtrack blasted through the speakers (I was 11 when I watched it for the first time).

Not only did I watch the original 3 films endless times but also read every novel set in its context that happened to cross my way. I was lucky that two of my school friends back then shared this passion and mania, we had tremendous fun!

Then around the year 2000 the films were back in the cinemas, digitally remastered of course, and I was among the first who watched them on that huge cinema screen, completely lost in that familiar story. It’s not exaggerated when I say it was total bliss.

Shortly after the new films came to cinemas as well, starring Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson, both belonging to my favorite actors, so I was confident that the saga would continue to be awesome. Let’s just say it wasn’t as awesome as I’d hoped it would be, at least not for me. Granted the effects were all spectacular, but that’s not what made these original films so special to me.

I feel the same way about the latest films (Rogue One being the exception because I really liked it), even a bit confused really, because one part of me is overjoyed that the story goes on, the other part is deeply disappointed. And I haven’t even watched the last one yet because I’m afraid I might regret it.

So what is your take on Star Wars? Do you love it? Hate it? Never watched it? Let me know in your comments!


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54 thoughts on “Film Friday – “Never Tell Me The Odds!”

  1. How did I miss this post! I love Star Wars. I remember first being introduced to the series in elementary school as the original series was rereleased in theaters. I was a teen when the prequels came out, and I remember being enamored with Hayden Christensen as Anakin. 😍 I think Rogue One might be my favorite Star Wars movie of the recent releases. Perhaps not having the burden of trying to spin out a franchise and sequels made the movie complete as it is. I would recommend seeing the Rise of Skywalker–I enjoyed it! (But I’m not a terribly picky movie critic.) 😄

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    1. Hehe! I had a friend who was equally enamored with Hayden Christensen! 😀 I liked Harrison Ford best though. 😉 I think you’re right about Rogue One being so good because of not trying to spin out franchise and sequels afterwards. It’s a complete story – sad as it was. Really need to see The Rise then, but I won’t promise that I’ll love it, I’m quite anti-all-new-star.wars-films, lol! 😉


  2. That Yoda chalk drawing is so life-like! You’re so talented 😍 I love Star Wars too! I got into it a bit later in life. When the 2000s came around, that was when I first caught on. But like you, I prefer the classic Star Wars so, so, so much better. The Empire Strikes Back is my favourite out of them all – and I think that trilogy had the best quotes. I haven’t read the books, so can’t comment on that. I have heard some of the video games weren’t too bad. Also people are saying The Mandalorian is amazing. Have yet to watch it but looking forward to it 😀

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    1. Thank you very much, Mabel! I haven’t watched The Mandalorian yet either but heard many good reviews. The Empire Strikes Back is awesome, just love the Darth Vader theme. 😉
      So glad to hear you also prefer the old classic ones to the newer stuff!! 😀

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  3. I love Star Wars and I have /can watch them over and over. I prefer the original 3 too. Yes, the latest ones have the up to date special effects, but they are just not the same. I loved Alec Guiness as Obiwan! Hope you are safe and well xx

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  4. I loved the originals and watched them with my son and daughter. They are really Star Wars fans but have not been interested in the later versions as time did not allow for much movie watching. When they do the next version it’s like watching a soap opera. I RARELY go to the movies and when I do, it has to be a meaningful movie. On that note, I LOVE your Yoda drawing!

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  5. Certain movie series get deeper into you and you keep on follow the next ones when they come. I am also a Star War fan too although I still have not had a chance to watch the last one that just came out late last year yet.

    Your painting of Yoda look alive. His eyes!

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    1. Thanks so much! I always try to give the eyes in a portrait drawing special attention. 😊
      Even though I might not be totally convinced about the latest additions to this series I’m happy for the new generation to grow up with this story and universe like I did. 😊

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  6. I’ve watched the original trilogy a zillion times. Truly, I’ve lost track as it was often replayed during holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, so it was what we watched. And like many of my generation, it became bigger than life and I’ve enjoyed cultural references and spoofs and spinoffs.

    The other prequels and post-quels – eh, not so much. Like you I was disappointed and never even finished them. I’m a big fan of not finishing movies or books that lose my interest. There are simply too many good shows and stories that deserve attention!

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    1. Totally agree – why waste precious time on something you have lost interest in?! I do the same with books – if it fails to hook me after say 30 pages or so, I’m out. 😀

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  7. I remember when Star Wars came out. I didn’t get what all the fuss was about. I watched it a few years later when it came on television, and I still didn’t get what all the fuss was about. Each to her own taste, eh?

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  8. Oh – and there’s your Yoda drawing! It didn’t show up at first and now there it is – just like Yoda himself. Beautifully rendered, Sarah. I especially like the effective way you’ve used the linen background.

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    1. Thanks so much, Shari! A friendly neighbor gifted me with dozens of big cardboard envelopes that he uses for his photographs to use as drawing materials and they’re perfect for pastel!!

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  9. I will never forget the first Star Wars film we saw – literally took me to another dimension. I’d never been a science fiction fan but this one was really about human relationships and the totalitarian theft of power – the theme of the 20th century. The first 3 films remain masterpieces.

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  10. Love Star Wars and saw the first movie twice on the same day, first by myself and then dragging my friend along for the evening session. Also thrilled by the next two. NEVER MENTION THE “FIRST” 3. A fan of Rogue One. The last three mmm. Like some of the characters, but found 7&8 very repetitive. I did enjoy the last one. A good resolution, and happy with it. The best bit – we went with my nephew and his parents- I didn’t realise he had taken his light-saber and he leapt up and brandished it at key bits of the movie.😄 I am happy to see the end of this. Let it rest.

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    1. Haha! That must have been a great thing to watch, your nephew brandishing his light-saber! 😀 So glad we agree about the films, Leonie! And yes, let it rest. 😉

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  11. I love your Yoda portrait Sarah 💕

    I saw the original film — then just called Star Wars — on a first date. Things I remember 1) date reached over to snog me just before lights came up for intermission — oops. 2) date complained afterwards about the sound effects. “there is no noise in space” was his line.

    Despite rocky start with both movie and date, I saw the second and third films with him and even went to a back-to-back screening of all three once; though from memory, we took my brothers along.

    I haven’t seen any of the other movies, despite Liam Neeson and Ewen McGregor and haven’t felt any desire to do so. The Star Wars trilogy (as it is in my mind) belongs to a particular time in my life and I’m happy to keep it there and enjoy the memories.

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    1. Thank you, Su! 😀
      Oh my! It would have been an absolute no-go for me to watch this at a date! 😀 The distraction!!
      And yeah, boys are like that (complaining and showing of their knowledge about there being no noise in space 😉 ).
      I watched LOTR on a date and it was just as awful! 😂

      And I can’t blame you for not watching any of the pre- or postquels and sometimes wish I hadn’t either. But then I’m a very curious cat and simply couldn’t resist. 😉

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      1. I would be like that with some series — if I get invested in the early movies I’d need to see all of the others. Im like that with books. I’ll keep reading an author whose early books I love long after they have stopped being original and are producing formulaic rubbish.

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  12. I have to confess that I’m a bit non-committal on Star Wars. I don’t dislike them but I have never been compelled to watch them except when they come on the TV and I happen to be watching. My brother and mother on the other hand …… !!! Xxx

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    1. That’s okay, Fiona, I know many people who don’t care for them either, one of them my mum who I made them watch at my 15th birthday all in a row – I think she hasn’t recovered since. 😉 xxx

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  13. Love that Yoda drawing! I have a ‘do not disturb’ sign for my office door that has a photo of him and the caption ‘Away, be you going’
    The first movie came out when I was 11 but I did not see it ( or Empire) until a couple of years later. By the time ROTJ came out I saw it at the cinema and loved it.
    I do like the original trilogy, though only Empire made it on to my list, despite Leia’s slave-girl outfit being the highlight of ROTJ….
    I exactly share your feelings on the follow-ups and also have not seen the last one. Rogue one was good though.
    Really enjoying reading these Sarah💕

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    1. Hahaha! That’s an awesome “do not disturb” sign!! 😀
      And thanks so much, it was really fun drawing him.
      Hehe! Yeah, that bronze bikini surely was a highlight for many, lol! 😉 Though I have to admit that I preferred the furry Ewoks in ROTJ. 😉 I love the Darth Vader theme, so Empire was especially awesome, but really I just can’t decide on a favorite of these three, they’re all magnificent.
      So glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t watched the last one yet, it feels a bit weird claiming to be a Star Wars fan and yet not having dared to watch it…
      Have a lovely weekend, Darren! ❤


      1. I am currently reading detective novels by Stuart Macbride. The hero has the Darth Vader theme as the ringtone for his horrible boss. This sounds a good idea to me.
        Have a lovely weekend too Sarah❤

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  14. Great drawing of Yoda. He was a fabulous character. I remember when the first Star Wars trilogy came out, Sarah. The films were amazing, so innovative and technically advanced, sci-fi and fantasy come to life. Since then, they’ve been hit or miss for me. I haven’t watched the originals again since I want them to remain as wonderful as I remember them. Thanks for the memories. 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot, Diana! And I do get that you didn’t want to watch the films again so that they remain as wonderful and powerful as possible in your memory – I’m more like a child that way who wants to hear the same story again and again. 😉

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    1. Well, you’ll pleased to know that Dirty Dancing is also making an appearance in this movie challenge. 😉 I LOVE it!!! And just rewatched it two weeks ago – it gets better with each watching, don’t you think? – “I carried a watermelon.” 😉

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