Film Friday – “Thwow him… to the floow.”


Film Fridays is a project initiated by Darren from over at The Arty Plantsman and me.

After doing a daily music challenge for a month last year we talked about doing something similar for movies.

And the current global lockdowns give us the perfect excuse to start!
Many of us are confined to home with only the TV for company so we thought we would start ‘Film Fridays’ so that we can talk about our favourite movies and hopefully give our readers some ideas for things to watch.
We would be delighted if you would join us!
Just tag your post with #FilmFriday and do a pingback to either Darren’s or my posts so that we can can have a look at yours! You can also copy the “Film Friday” poster I came up with.

We don’t necessarily want to talk about the nerdy technical details but more about why these films speak to us as individuals, why they have a place in our hearts, and any personal memories they evoke.

So please join us each friday when we will each be talking about a different movie from our list of favourites!




Today’s film for Film Friday is one of my very, very favourites films: it’s hilarious, witty and so funny it was actually banned in Norway(!).

Monty Python’s Life of Brian, also known as Life of Brian, is a 1979 British comedy film starring and written by the comedy group Monty Python (Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin).

The film tells the story of Brian Cohen (played by Chapman), a young Jewish man who is born on the same day as—and next door to—Jesus Christ, and is subsequently mistaken for the Messiah.

The film’s themes of religious satire were controversial at the time of its release, drawing accusations of blasphemy, and protests from religious groups. Some countries, including Ireland and Norway, banned its showing, with a few of these bans lasting decades. The filmmakers used such notoriety to benefit their marketing campaign, with posters in Sweden reading, “So funny, it was banned in Norway!”.

Nevertheless it was a huge box office success and named the “greatest comedy film of all time” by several magazines and television networks.

But if it weren’t for Python fan and Beatle George Harrison, the film would not have been made at all! He set up HandMade Films to help fund it at a cost of £3 million. Harrison put up the money for it as he “wanted to see the movie”—later described by Terry Jones as the “world’s most expensive cinema ticket.”


There are several scenes that have me rolling on the floow…eh, floor with laughter, holding my belly and crying tears of hilarity, but especially the following scene makes me howl with laughter because all in all, that’s exactly how my latin lessons at school looked liked (okay, apart from the gladius (roman sword)).

Have a look:




And here a few lines and dialogues that are too funny to miss out on:


Mandy: Now, you listen here: ‘e’s not the Messiah, ‘e’s a very naughty boy! Now piss off!


[the members of “The People’s Front of Judea” are sitting in the amphitheatre; Stan has just announced that he wants to be a woman and wants to be called “Loretta,” and is explaining why]

Stan: I want to have babies.
Reg: You want to have babies?!?!
Stan: It’s every man’s right to have babies if he wants them.
Reg: But … you can’t HAVE babies!
Stan: Don’t you oppress me!
Reg: I’m not oppressing you, Stan. You haven’t got a womb! Where’s the foetus gonna gestate? You gonna keep it in a box?



Reg: All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?
PFJ Member: Brought peace?
Reg: Oh, peace? SHUT UP!


Nisus Wettus: Crucifixion?
Mr. Cheeky: Ah, no. Freedom.
Nisus Wettus: What?
Mr. Cheeky: Eh, freedom for me. They said I hadn’t done anything, so I can go free and live on an island somewhere.
Nisus Wettus: Oh, oh that´s jolly good well. Off you go then.
Mr. Cheeky: No, I’m only pulling your leg, it’s crucifixion really!
Nisus Wettus: [laughing] Oh, I see, very good. Well…
Mr. Cheeky: Yes I know, out the door, one cross each, line on the left.



And then of course, there’s the famous last sequence, the crucifixion of Brian (and a few others) and probably one of the best songs in the world:




Have you ever seen this film? Did you like it? Let me know all about it in your comments! 😀


Happy weekend everyone! And don’t forget: “Always look on the bright side of life…”

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31 thoughts on “Film Friday – “Thwow him… to the floow.”

    1. I think you’d enjoy this one, Marlene! It’s good fun and we all can use a bit of fun every now and again.
      All’s well here, thank you! Hope the same is true for you? Take care! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Sarah shoots and SCORES! This is one of the best movies of all time, hands (that have been sanitized) down. But you know it’s been a long time, I should watch it again. I’ve watched The Holy Grail far more often although I know many prefer the Life of Brian over it, but for some reason it was the Grail that really took hold of Teenage Lani. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll probably catch WAYYYY more of the humor now. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe! 😁 Thank you, Lani! And you’re very welcome. 😉
      And I should watch The Holy Grail again – it’s been far too long! We can all use a bit of humour and hilarity in our lives now, right? xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes. Monty Python makes me like a crazy space monkey, laughing, pausing the show to get the full laugh out and then starting the process all over again. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I still quote lines from this film: it’s one of my absolute favourites too.

    I remember the cinema being picketed when it was first released here, and having to walk through a crowd of really aggressive protesters from some fundamentalist churches. Some got into the cinema and disrupted the film as well. It was quite scary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can imagine how scary it must have been! Fanatics no matter to what group they belong to are always scary.
      So glad you got to see it despite the protesters!
      We need to watch this one on our road trip then. 😉
      P.S. I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of The Trip today – much to my mum’s annoyance who doesn’t share my sense of humour- and had to stop then because my belly hurt so much from laughing. 😁 Brilliant stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What amazed me at the time was how so many of the protestors were elderly women; screaming and snarling. Complete fanatics — and hardly what I thought Christianity was all about.

        Are you watching The Trip TV series? The movie was condensed from the series, so you’ll be seeing lots of extra bits. Enjoy!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, you remember the elderly women in Life of Brian attending a stoning? 😉 So I’m kind of not surprised that they were part of the protesters. 😂 But you’re right, not very Christian.

        Yes, they only had the series at the library and I’d hoped that would mean more funny bits – glad to know I was right. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I love Monty Python, Sarah, and this movie is hysterical. The Holy Grail is another favorite. The sense of humor is so absurd and quirky. My friends and I used to quote lines from the movie in daily life. I’m going to need to watch it again. Thanks for the great clip and inspiration. Have a great weekend!

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  4. I adore this movie Sarah! One of my favourites too!
    Susan’s uncle Donny was always a class act (and a really bad influence on me) and he chose that song to be played at his funeral.
    Favourite bits, in addition to yours which I love too; the suicide squad taking their name literally at the end, the “welease woderwick” scene, even the weird sci-fi interlude.
    What strikes me now is that the religious thing might still offend some in the US – but the full frontal nudity in one scene would certainly be frowned upon.
    Such a great choice Sarah. And a perfect much-needed laugh.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Darren!
      What a fabulous choice for a funeral song, Donny must have been quite the character. 😉 I played this song at my graduration ceremony from grammar school- I was so happy to leave school!😄
      Oh yes, I bet many in the US would feel offended by the film – imagine a certain orange man watching it and afterwards having a rant!😂


      1. Donny was indeed. When he was 80 he recruited me – only in my 30s- to help him ‘clear up’ all the unused toast champagne at a family wedding…
        I was happt to leave my school too but we did not have a ceremony. Just two coaches : one with ‘dole office’ as its destination and the other with ‘prison’…
        My be worth showing this movie to the orange numpty just to see…

        Liked by 1 person

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