Virtual Afternoon Coffee; let’s sit inside ’cause it’s raining ;)

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Su’s post two days ago declaring it’s time again for our monthly virtual tea party – how could it be that we’re already halfway through October? (Let alone more than halfway through this year?)

I have absolutely no idea, and even worse – I haven’t baked anything for you!! Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa! (That’s fancy latin for “shame on me”.)

So I had two options, no three:

– not taking part in today’s challenge (which actually isn’t an option at all)

– presenting you store-bought cookies (mmh, okay but not ideal)

– or taking out some banana bread from the freezer and toast it (yep, you’ve guessed it, that’s what I did).

“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.”
― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women (I couldn’t agree more!)

Banana bread with Nutella and a cup of coffee (October 2020)

It might not look all that appetizing but it tastes absolutely amazing, especially when you add Nutella (which I did). And you’ll love the walnuts and Goji berries I added to the bread (at least I hope you do).

And in case you prefer savory over sweet, there’s also always some home baked sourdough bread and ready-to-bake pretzels in the freezer. 😉

I suspect my lacking enthusiasm when it comes to baking these days can be found in my rising anxiety levels due to our scary rising numbers of infections here.

It’s much worse in France at the moment than it is in Germany now, but let’s not forget that they’re r e a l l y close to us. Also we’re well on our way playing catch-up with them, and Berlin especially is on of the biggest hotspots. Ugh.

While there were about 50 new cases per day in the summer here in Berlin, it’s now up to 500 (!) a day. And the numbers keep rising.

Fortunately we’re in the midst of our Autumn holidays, but after that it’s back to work again, and I’m not really looking forward to that.

Also it’s reported that people started hoarding again – yay! (Will have to see if I can get more toilet paper!)

So there’s not a lot of things that make me happy right now – which might explain why that jar of Nutella is already half empty, I obviously try to rise my serotonin levels via chocolate overdose.

But enough of me! How about you? Are you still/again/never stopped worried? And to my friends in the US: my condolences for having to put up with the election and all that – I don’t envy you! But hey, don’t worry: it’s all fake anyway! 😉

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61 thoughts on “Virtual Afternoon Coffee; let’s sit inside ’cause it’s raining ;)

  1. That nutella on banana bread looks amazing. I have never tried that combination, and you make it look so good and its so tempting to try. I prefer savoury, and love sourdough when it is soft (a lot of sourdough I’ve tried is way too hard for my liking). Hopefully hoarding isn’t too bad over there and people just buy what they need. I’ve been following the news and it looks like cases are rising over there and there is another lockdown.

    It is almost summer here in Australia and we are able to go out now to enjoy the sunshine. I am doing okay here and actually enjoyed staying indoors and working from home. Very glad for warmer weather

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    1. Thankfully the hoarding seems to have stopped for now (I guess everyone’s bathroom is overflowing with toilet paper by now 😉 ).
      Yes, numbers are rising very fast here in Europe and it’s quite scary. Let’s keep fingers crossed that people will start see sense and keep to the rules. Lots of demonstrations going on though, and they’ve turned out to be super-spreading events because none of the participants wears a mask or keeps her/his distance. 😦

      Glad your lockdown was okay for your and that you enjoyed working from home! I bet you got lots done!
      Enjoy your warm weather and summer! ❤


      1. Hahaha, that is good you have toilet paper. All stocked up on that over there too 😀 That is no good there are demonstrations. Hopefully when winter sets in people will stay indoors, and hopefully don’t move around too much.

        I will enjoy the warm weather! But it comes with hayfever and a lo of sneezing 😬😷😂

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      2. People are used to relatively cold winters here so I guess that won’t put the protesters off. 😦
        Hope the hay fever won’t be too awful for you this year, Mabel! Stay well!


  2. I can’t talk about Covid anymore – or the US presidential election, for we still don’t have the results yet on November 6 – so I’ll just say how delicious your banana bread topped with Nutella looks. I remember the first time I ate banana nut bread. I was in high school (more than 50 years ago) and spent a few hours at a friend’s house. Her mom took two coffee cans out of her oven – she’d baked banana bread in the cans, so when she sliced them, they looked like big, round cookies. I couldn’t believe the taste – she topped them with cream cheese, and then served me 2 more slices. Heavenly! Yes, I was a glutton that afternoon.

    But I’d resisted eating Nutella for ages because I dislike hazelnuts. Or so I thought. Someone gave me a spoonful of Nutella just a few months ago. Why didn’t anyone tell me that Nutella is hazelnuts mixed with chocolate? I shouldn’t be writing this at 11:30 PM – now I’m hungry and would love a thick slice of banana nut bread topped with cream cheese and another slice topped with Nutella. Boy, am I susceptible to the power of suggestion.

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    1. Hahaha! Your comment had me laughing out loud, Shari! Finally Nutella won you over! 😉
      You’ve got to do an awful lot of catching up to do for all the years you haven’t eaten it. 😉
      I love how you remember the banana nut bread your friend’s mum baked for you in her cans (and what an awesome way to bake them by the way, I think I’ll give this a try too!!) I haven’t tried putting cream cheese on top yet but I can imagine that it would go really well with the sweetness. I also like adding sea buckthorn jelly on top, it’s more sour than your usual jelly but exactly perfect in combination.

      I’m still cautious about the election results – the Orange Man won’t give up so fast – but I’m very hopeful that this nightmare will soon have an end!! Congrats for finally having a democratic president again!! 😀

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      1. I’d be cautious now about cooking in coffee cans. Maybe look up what they’re made of – we now know how dangerous some of the chemicals and construction is in aluminum cans. Not sure I’d do this one today, but it was sure fun when I was a teenager. Before I’d learned to look before I leaped. Or ate!!!

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      2. Good point!! I think Jamie Oliver (British tv cook/celeb cook) used cans for baking bread in one of his shows that I watched oh so many years ago. Not sure he looked it up before so I’ll make sure not to make the same mistake. 😉

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  3. Thanks for the closing laugh with “it’s all
    Fake anyway”
    Hahah – omg the news is so darn tainted in the US
    But thankfully there are ways to cope!
    Like tea parties with Su and her friends like you 😊☕️
    And when my son was younger – he loved Nutella and had a season where it was his absolute favorite thing – and was such a nutritious option to other things so it was a pleasure to get him his weekly “tub” of it – ha
    And your photo with the Nutella on bread and dangling bananas with the coffee was very fresh – and nice bird mug….

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    1. You’re very welcome, Yvette! I bet you all can do with a good laugh now. 😉
      If I were in the US I surely would feel so worried and stressed, I wouldn’t be able to stop eating Nutella! LOL!
      Hehe! That’s funny that your son had this Nutella obsession when he was younger – it’s a very common thing here, and many parents either despair or know it from themselves when they were younger! 😉
      And thanks for noticing the bird mug, isn’t it cute? 😀 xoxo

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      1. The bird mug really added something subtle to the photo !
        And I am not that stressed because the media is really protesting McKee negative than there is in some areas!
        However – have heard a few folks say that our country might be headed for a civil war – and I do feel like the news will be fueling it! They are painting a picture of reality that is not true
        and making some casss appear racially charged when they are not. This is not to say some of it does not happen- but some of the cases they highlight have more to do with non compliance or other factors that get overlooked

        Anyhow A thanks for your well wishes to all of us! Ugh! Seriously praying we do not have a lot of fallout after the election in a couple weeks!
        More Nutella for all

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  4. I never thought of toasting banana bread, but now that I’ve read this post, I’m going to try it! I’m sorry about the cases rising in Europe, we’re having the same problem here in the States. It seems that here some areas that haven’t had many cases before, such as the State of Montana, are now seeing their numbers rise. It is scary for sure, but I think we have to take comfort in the fact that they know so much more about treating Covid now, which means that less people who get it actually die or even get very sick. That helps. And I also take comfort in knowing that scientists all over the world are working on vaccines, and they will figure this out. I know not everyone looks at it this way, but for my personal sanity, I have to see light at the end of the tunnel!

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    1. You definitely have to try toasting your banana bread, Ann – it’s just a taste explosion! 😀

      And I admire your positive attitude towards the pandemic – at the moment I feel very low about it all, especially since the area I live in is one of the worst here.
      The only thing I manage is to try to forget about it all whilst stuffing myself with baked goodies – lasts about 5 minutes, but that’s at least something!
      Take care!

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  5. I have bananas on the counter to make some bread but… forgot applesauce that I use instead of oil and I’ve eaten most of the pecans. I’ve never had it or much of anything with nutella. A bit too sweet for me. My first mother-in-law made this recipe for Christmas morning breakfast so I’ve been making it for 52 years! Gosh I’m old. 😉 I have my ballot all filled out. It’s going in the ballot box in the morning along with my daughter’s. I know too many that are voting for a replay of the last 4 years. Big, deep sigh. Yes, I’ve probably gained 10 pounds from all the stress of this craziness. Please let it be over soon. I really sympathize. Going to take a nap now. Thinking about it all is just too much. Hope to finish a post later. ;/ Maybe.

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    1. Nah, you ain’t old, Marlene, you’re experienced! 😉
      Applesauce for replacing the oil in banana bread sounds yummy, need to try this out!! I always use good olive oil to make it a bit more healthy, and not too much either.
      I hear you about the Nutella – it is awfully sweet, and even though I have a sweet tooth I don’t like it too sweet. But every once in a while there’s that craving and then it’s good to have some Nutella around. 😉 I love spreading it on pancakes for example, or in puff pastry – not good for the waistline but oh, so yummy! 😀
      That’s great that you’ve already voted, but too bad about knowing many people who want to press the repeat button. 😦 I honestly can’t imagine how that must feel, and bet I would stuff myself endlessly with food in order to try to forget all the craziness! Keep my fingers crossed for a good outcome!! Hugs!

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  6. Have never tried either banana bread or nutella… sorry. But it does look wonderful. I am thinking of you my friend and hope you can find some sense of calm. My part of the uk starts major restrictions again tonight. All socialising and mixing indoors banned. Pubs, restaurants etc to close. Am still expected to go to work though. Wish I could give you a hug. x

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    1. No problem, we’ll see about that once we meet. 😉 Can’t have you missing out on one the best things Germans ever invented! 😁
      I keep waiting for the same kind of announcements here but so far everything’s opened. But you see more people wearing masks on the streets than before which isn’t even mandatory… yet.
      Too bad about work – same here! 😂 x

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  7. I completely understand how you feel with the pandemic situation. It could be depressing. I just heard on the news too that cases are surging in Europe too. It is not only we need to stay safe from getting infected but we also need to take care of mental health from the consequences of the situation too.

    The bread looks good 🙂

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    1. That’s very true what you said about having to take about our mental health as well during this crisis. I know from quite a lot of people that they’re also struggling with the effects this whole situation has on their mind.
      My only response is to bake more banana bread for all of us! 😀

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  8. The banana bread looks good, and I love Nutella, but I can’t be trusted to keep it in the house because I’ll eat it too fast.

    I look at the US election as good news. For four years, I’ve been worried about what our crazy, self-obsessed president will do next. We can’t guarantee the outcome of the election, but at least there’s hope for a change. And I’m very hopeful.

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    1. So sorry to hear that you can’t keep Nutella in the house because you’ll eat it too fast – sounds very familiar. 😉

      But I’m glad to hear that you feel hopeful about the upcoming election. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a change!!

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  9. The banana bread looks wonderful. I could really go for some now. I should probably attempt to bake some in my pitiful toaster oven. Wahhhh!

    Sorry to hear that the numbers have gone up again. I guess with the winter weather there’s another surge? Life is bananas everywhere right now though. I mean, Thailand, oof. We’ve got a massive protest going on as Thais attempt to demand a new govt. It’s a long story.

    And the US! I actually stayed up late to look at the news which is so not like me. Again, bananas.

    Take good care, Sarah-bear. Sending you big hugs and snuggles!

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    1. Thanks so much, Lani! Wish I could beam you a loaf of banana bread!

      Yep, winter’s coming and the second wave is rolling in.
      Heard about the massive protests in Thailand. Keep my fingers crossed that people will stay safe!

      You’re so right when you say the world goes bananas! And these days the US seem to be up front! 😂 Every time I think the Orange Man can’t get anymore awful in way what leaves his mouth and then he does. 🙁 Ugh.

      Take good care too, Lani-bear! Hugs and snuggles back to you! xoxo

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  10. Did someone say Nutella on homemade banana bread? Get outa my way, people; I’m coming to get my share!

    I’m sorry to hear that Europe’s infection rate is rising. I hope that right reason and good sense will prevail to stop the spread. As others have noted, we’re in a very, very bad way in the US.

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    1. Hehe! You’re too funny, Liz! 😉

      I know it’s much worse in the US than it is here, and I fear for both our continents this winter – if people don’t trust the imposed restrictions this could end so badly. Will keep my fingers crossed for a positive outcome for your country – both political and pandemic-wise.

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  11. None of that sounds good. Numbers are still low here, except in the north, but restrictions have just been imposed to keep them that way. 😦 😦 I hate to be ungrateful but I don’t like banana bread. Could I just have ordinary toast please? No Nutella 🙂 Hopefully this will all be just a bad dream one day.

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    1. Of course you can have ordinary toast! I forgot to mention that’s also stocked in the freezer. 😉
      Glad your number are still low and hope it will stay that way! Good thinking of imposing restrictions to keep it that way.
      Have a lovely weekend! Take care!

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  12. My dear friend; this looks like the most perfect comfort food for much that ails us. I am so sorry that the infection rate is rising and I know how anxious you must be. Sending aroha.

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    1. Thank you, dear Su! I admit that I eat quite a lot of comfort food these days, it’s about the only joy to have at the moment. Might need to do some clothes shopping soon! LOL! Or do sports – mmh, wonder which one it will be. 😉


  13. I’m so sorry to hear that infections are on the rise again, Sarah. It was expected as the northern hemisphere moves into colder weather, but that doesn’t make it any easier. The US, of course, has lost its mind, so we’re expecting a terrible winter with almost 400,000 dead by the end of January (and it will probably be worse than that). It’s hard to find pockets of peace and joy in all that bad news, but so necessary… even if it comes in the shape of coffee with banana bread and Nutella. Stay safe, my friend. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Diana. I know, what’t happening in the US is so much worse, and I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be under a presidency that only makes matters worse. I just keep hoping that this nightmare will soon end – the political one as well as the pandemic.
      Stay safe, too, dear friend! ❤

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  14. This looks delicous, Sarah. I’m sorry to hear your numbers are on the rise. It seems that way in many places. We were just discussing whether or not it will be feasible to have a family gathering at Christmas. If you have to hoard, hoard Nutella!

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    1. Thank you Chris!
      That’s what I’m saying (about the Nutella I mean)! 😉
      Yes, great family gatherings might not be the best of ideas just yet. I hear the Orange Man is promising vaccines and stuff – wouldn’t count on it, at least not this year. 😦

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  15. Sorry, but I just missed the afternoon coffee and banana cake! If there’s any cake left I’ll leave the Nutella out, far too sweet, not good for my waistline! Here in NI we have the worst virus figures in the UK. Shocking really! Distressing actually as there are even more restrictions coming on Friday! All because some people just don’t care! Actually, maybe you could open the other jar of Nutella? 😋

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    1. Of course there is! And a new jar of Nutella just for you. 😉
      It’s the same here with restrictions but I don’t mind them as long as it helps! Wish people would be more sensible.
      Take care!

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  16. Pass the Nutella and hand me a spoon. You can keep on talking, I will merely smile and nod. Funny you mention about hoarding…one of our big box stores sells a 2-pack of LARGE size Nutella. Yes, I do have that in my pantry. This election and all the other nonsense that is going on to distract (?) us. By this time next month (hopefully) we will have an answer to our fate. I am frazzled, Sarah. You guys stay safe.

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    1. Hehe! Here you go, Lois (passing on a new jar of Nutella just for you <3)!
      Sounds like my kind of Nutella boxes!! It's funny how we all set our different priorities, isn't it? 😉
      Between covid and the election one doesn't really know what's worse, right? Will keep my fingers crossed for a better future, for the US and the rest of the world. Stay safe!

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