Better Late Than Never: The Changing Seasons – June 2021

Doodle calender June 2021

Yep, that’s right, I’m almost 3 weeks late for June’s Changing Seasons post, and here’s the reason why.

I was reasonably proud for having completed my doodle calendar for June just in time, and was about to write the post, when I encountered a problem with my WordPress blog.
Said problem was, that after clicking on the „Write/Add (New Post)“ button for as many times as I liked, nothing happened. With nothing I mean a blank white screen. I then tried if I could edit an older post of mine, but no, that wouldn’t work either.

Thanks to my recent social media break I didn’t feel as panicky about it as I might have done before that. After googling the problem and trying out different solutions – none of which helped – I thought that there might be some troubles with the server, and I’d simply have to wait for a couple of days so the problem would solve itself.

Again, no such luck.

At this point I was beginning to belief that maybe this was a sign, maybe I shouldn’t get back to blogging at all. But being quite stubborn, I wasn’t ready to accept this (yet).

So I thought I’d just create a whole new blog, and write to each of you personally to let you know what happened and ask very nicely if you’d be interested in following my new blog.
Imagine my annoyance when I clicked on the „Write“ button and again landed on a blank screen!
This is it, I thought, it’s over. I’m (very grudgingly) done with blogging.

That’s when another idea hit me – what if I try writing a post using the WP app?!
You might wonder, why I didn’t try this out earlier. Well, when I started my social media break back in March, I deleted all social media apps, so as not to be tempted into being online most of the time. And after my break I had decided to keep it that way, and only access social media via my laptop, which I don’t use as much as my phone.
So I installed the app, clicked on „Write“ – et voila! It worked!

I was happy and annoyed at the same. Happy to be able to access my blog again, and annoyed because I was now forced to use the app again, thus creating the possibility to fall back into old habits, i.e. using my phone more than I liked.

So I had another idea: what if I only install the app to write and publish a new post, and after that’s done, delete it again (the app, not the post)? And that’s just what I’m doing now.
I hope the cyber gods will let me have it my way, and not come up with another way to tempt me back into phone-addiction. Fingers crossed!

So, here comes my Changing Seasons post for June! By the way, my friends Ju-Lyn from over at Touring My Backyard and Brian from over at Bushboy’s World have kindly taken over hosting duties from Su (Zimmerbitch) and taking turns hosting it. This month’s it’s Ju-Lyn’s turn.

Highlights this month include me baking my very first quiche (green asparagus and Parmesan cheese) and two lovely visits to the zoo where I fell in love with a pair of small-clawed otters that were busy moving a bunch of hay to and fro, thus giving me hope there might be baby otters in the foreseeable future. Oh, and I got my second COVID vaccination shot! This time I felt ill only for one day which I was quite thankful for.

Green asparagus quiche
Started a new painting
Yeah! Yoga!
Small-clawed otter
Bees zoning in on a beautiful flower

Please feel free to (wildly) guess what the other drawings might stand for!

And how are you? Did June provide you with memorable events? Let me know all about in your comments!

Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

78 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never: The Changing Seasons – June 2021

    1. I tried out different browser, Jacqui but nothing worked. It’s okay though, using the app on the phone might be bit more complicated but as long as that works I won’t complain!


  1. Definitely better late than never, Sarah! That is sooo annoying you aren’t able to compose a post in WordPress on your computer. Maybe it’s because your browser is out of date or maybe it could be some gremlins around. So interesting and hopefully the issue resolves itself. I post my blog posts on my laptop. Can’t imagine posting on an app on my phone at all lol! My phone is too small a screen for me to blog correctly.

    I like the steaming bread on day one and I think that is because I like fresh sourdough bread! I feel the sad face on day eighteen was just a sad day for you, and we all have sad days and you were okay the next day. On day 26 I am guessing you had a haircut and a new look 😊

    I’m not a huge fan of quiche but your quiche looks amazing and full of yummy asparagus too. You really know how to cook. Also that alpaca is cute.

    June for me was quiet over here. Not much going on but we went into another lockdown, and recently in July we came out of lockdown and now are back in lockdown! So for most part I’ve been keeping occupied at home with reading and tidying around the house 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mabel! I think it’s the Gremlins as I just tried it out again but no luck. 😉 Ah, well, if it has to be done using the app then that’s what I’m going to do, even if it takes up more time because of all the typos. 😉

      Hehe! No new hair cut – wish my hair would look like that! Just a new portrait painting I’m working on. 😉 I’ve never painted elaborate hair do’s before so that’s going to be a nice challenge. 😀
      I’ve heard of how hard Australia is hit again by the virus and the lockdowns – nerve racking, isn’t it? Our government announced that we won’t have to endure another lockdown this coming autumn/winter but I’m not so sure about it. At least half the population is vaccined which is good news, although it takes another 20 or 30 percent to work really well. Too bad that kids still can’t be vaccined though. 😦
      I hear you about the reading and tidying around the house! I do the exact same things when stuck at home – lol! 😀
      Hope you can soon get out of lockdown and back into life! Take care! ❤


      1. Awww maybe when you next get a haircut your hair will look like that 😉 You are so creative coming up with drawings for every day! It will probably take me a few hours to do one small drawing lol.

        We’re in lockdown over here again in Australia! It happened so suddenly too. But just have to go along with it. That will mean more reading and tidying for now! Hope you don’t go back into lockdown and enjoy the rest of your summer 💕

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hehe! That would be so awesome! 😀
        I bet your drawings would be super lovely, maybe just give it a try? Could be another pass-the-time besides reading and tidying during lockdown. 😉
        Take care! ❤


  2. Oh, how I love your photos and doodles. So fresh, cute, colorful. A gentle feast for the eyes. Hope you liked the Shadow & Bone series. I wonder if you hadn’t read the books how it would flow, etc? In any case, I can’t remember June anymore, July has taken over in full force since we moved! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww – thank you, Lani! 😀
      I loved the Shadow & Bone series!! 😀 But I do have to confess that I haven’t read the books yet. 😂 I just couldn’t wait that long.
      Btw, have you read Lucinda Riley’s latest by now? If so – please no spoilers, I haven’t yet! 😀 😉 Looking forward to hear more about your move and your new job!! Take care! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t believe wordpress gave you such a hard time! How dare it! I hope you’re able to resolve the computer aspect before the next post!
    Love the drawings! Eek to the spider indeed! Quiche looks great! The alpaca would have stolen my heart the most, though those capybaras in the bottom photo will always carry a special place.
    Glad you’re alive and well!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww – thanks, Betsy! And so lovely to see/read you again!
      Still relying on the app at the moment though. 😂
      The capybaras also carry a special place in my heart – just so very cute, right?
      Looking forward to catching up with you soon! In the meantime: have a lovely summer!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m just looking at your post again, at your doodle calender, your lovely images ….

        I have to ask about the snail on June 3 … was it a slow day? or did you actually find a snail? I love snails myself, and will always stop to say hi, or place them off the main path so they don’t get squished.

        Your quiche looks fabulous. Did you make the crust from scratch? I love a good quiche but have only made simple, mini quiches with store-bought pastry before.

        I see from your June 30 entry that your yoga practice goes well. I started a stretching practice this month and it is really hard going. I consider myself a fairly flexible person, and with all the running I do, I didn’t think I would have so much trouble, but some stretches are really tough …. which means, I should do more of them, right?

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      2. Aww – thanks for stopping by again, Ju-Lyn!
        That was indeed an actual snail that I saved from the road as well!! Brought it to the backyard, it was so cute and much tinier than my drawing – LOL!

        Yes, I did the quiche crust myself and was surprised how easy it was, just flour, cold butter and a little bit of water. The taste was all in the filling, so I tried to make the pastry as thin as possible.

        I so love yoga! I could do it every day but found out that it has the best effect when I do it every 3 days. I admire that you’re doing this intense stretching practice, I consider myself a highly inflexible person! LOL! So what feels like yoga to me might be normal yawning and stretching for others. 😉
        Not sure if you should do more of them if it hurts, normally it’s better to let the muscle fibers heal before continuing with the exercises, so a day or 2 in between is actually pretty good. A teacher once told me that if you can’t put on a smile on your face whilst stretching it’s too much and you should ease down a little. Hope that helps!


      3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on yoga and exercise philosophy in general. I think I like your approach – if we can’t smile doing what we do, then we probably won’t be doing it for long!

        I generally don’t work with pastry because it is so hot & humid here. But I recently discovered I can make pretty decent shortcrust pastry in my food processor – so I don’t have to handle the dough much at all. So far I’ve only made sweet/fruit pies, but I love so much the look of your quiche I think I will give it a try!

        Have a wonderful weekend, fellow snail-lover!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I forgot that your climate isn’t very pastry friendly! LOL! Around here I usually don’t have to worry about things like that, although it’s better to use cold butter for pies than room temperature one anyway.
        I’m planning to do another quiche soon, maybe with bell peppers? Feta? Going to look for some recipes – which is the best part apart from eating the pie. 😉
        Have a lovely new week ahead and I look forward to catch up with you soon! xoxo


      5. Ah! Fellow Recipe Hunter!
        Back in the day when Cookbooks were a thing, that was one of my favourite past-times: trawling them at the bookstore to see which beauties I would bring home to drool over. Now, online research bears so much yummy fruit!

        Can’t wait to hear all about the new quiche flavours you put together!

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  4. So glad to see you back, Sarah, and very sorry you’ve had a tough time with the blog. My usual response to tech problems is to cry/scream first and then call my son for help. Your mechanical skills are admirable but I guess even tech-digi whizzes like you get caught once in a while in the Do-Not-Enter zone.

    Your doodle diary is always a treat even if I can’t interpret every image. I keep thinking I’ll do the same – but then I don’t. Sigh…Always love your photos as well, you get such great images. That alpaca is hilarious! What an expression on her face. And the nutrias looking at the swans – are they wondering if they might one day turn out as beautiful? Probably just wondering when dinner will be served. Your quiche looks absolutely delicious! What a fabulous meal idea!

    Very glad you got your second Covid shot. Those of us who have also had both shots are about as safe as we can be. It feels good to know I have less likelihood of passing the virus along to other people. We are responsible for each other.

    There are a couple of tiny zoos very near us which are really animal rescue stations. I love visiting and supporting them but there’s nothing like a real zoo to be able to see animals rare to our area. Maybe we’ll get down to San Diego Zoo in the next year, or to San Diego Safari Park where the animals live in a more natural habitat. They’re each about 2 – 3 hours away, totally doable for a long day’s outing. Now, however, we’re worried about the rise of Delta variant and are staying home as much as possible. Feels like last year all over again.

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    1. Hi Shari! So lovely to see/read you!!
      So I need to get a son to solve my tech problems for me? Damn! Should have known it. 😉
      Thanks so much for all the lovely things you wrote – I would love seeing you making your own doodle diary!!!! Maybe you’ll find the time and energy for it once things are settled with the repairs?
      Hehe! I was thinking exactly the same about that alpaca. 😉 Love taking pics like this one. 😀

      So glad you also have had your full round of covid vaccines. As was to be expected with everyone going on vacations our numbers are rising again. Will see how/when the fourth wave will hit us.

      We’ve been hesitant to get our annual tickets for the zoo last year because of everything being shut down. But on second thoughts realized that we could at least support it this way as the animals still need to be fed and looked after by their caretakers, even if it’s not open to the public. I’m sure the animal rescues in your area appreciate your support very much! And I hope you can all go on a big family outing next year to visit San Diego zoo or the Safari Park – your grandkids are going to love it! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love your doodle calendars! And I’m sorry you’re having problems with your blog and had to reinstall the WP app in order to publish a post. It shouldn’t be so hard to blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Liz! I was so lucky catching the bees in flight like this. 😀
      I’ve heard that other people also have trouble with WP lately and hope they find an easy solution to it.
      Sorry for still not having caught up with your blog – always so much to do in the summer that it’s difficult to find the time to just sit down and read. But promise to do this soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww, thanks, Liz! 😀 It’s been quite busy with my studies and working on a new summer dress – I just hope I’ll get the latter done before summer ends!


  6. I’m so glad you managed to overcome the WP gremlins to post this. I hope your washing machine troubles are resolved (again). The quiche looks delicious, and of course I’m envious of your trips to the zoo.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, Su! So lovely to see you! Going to write a little email later. 😉
      Thankfully the washing machine is ok, I just wanted to quickly wash a particular dress I wanted to wear, and since the laundry basket wasn’t full enough to justify loading the machine up, it seemed the quickest way – also more ecofriendly too.
      The quiche was so yummy if I might say so myself. 😉 Definitely going to make more of those! Wish we could go to the zoo together, I’m sure you’d love it. It’s very green with many lovely trees and that right in the middle of the city – a pure oasis!

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  7. I have been ready to quit WP since they came up with the new block style. I hate it. So far, no white screen though. I do not use my phone for much of anything important. Love the doodle calendar. Mine would have a paintbrush in it everyday. Not the kind for fine painting but house painting. I’m glad you are back to your art and still enjoying the zoo. My son came to visit in June. That was as memorable as it gets. Hope your July is better.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe! Totally get that, Marlene, the block style is awful. But better than a blank screen I can tell you!
      Painting house can be quite satisfactory I think, at least you don’t have to be afraid to make a huge mistake that takes endless time to be repaired. 😉
      Not using my phone much either, mostly to download and then listen to audiobooks from the library.
      Wishing you a lovely Sunday and a beautiful week ahead! Take care!

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  8. You’re liking yoga, right?! I love it! The 29th….I have been wearing one of those guards for years. Evidently, I grind my teeth. Dentist said ‘wear it at night’ so I do. I love these calendars, Sarah.

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    1. I love it too, Lois! 😀 It calms and energizes me at the same time – really the one good thing that came out of the pandemic for me.
      Yep, night guard wearer for years myself too. I can’t even remember how sleeping without it feels – lol! So thankful for it, since I guess my teeth would be stumps if it weren’t for the night guards!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Ashley! All’s well here, the flooding took place mainly in the southwest of Germany. Still, terrible thing to happen and the pictures are so shocking.
      Did you find time for a little doodling yourself? 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No doodling at all. Too much book reading, lots of painting in the garden (fences!) and learning/practising Qi Gong! Years ago, when we lived near London, we did Tai Chi which we loved then we returned home. A big move for us, leaving our daughters behind in England. Anyway, we couldn’t find good TC classes here and eventually gave up trying. However, the lockdown last year found me using the internet more than usual and I came across Qi Gong and it’s brilliant! I practice every day and I think the whole idea of striving to improve fitness is back on track! 💐🤗🙋‍♂️

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      2. Painting fences also counts as doodling. 😉
        Oh, I used to do Tai Chi years ago and loved it! Also tried out Qi Gong but the course got cancelled after just one session because not enough people signed in for it.
        I think the internet is really awesome to learn these kinds of sports, I’m following a yoga teacher on Youtube and I think she’s great (“Yoga with Adriane” in case you’re interested 😉 ).
        Have a wonderful week ahead! 😀

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    1. Well, it actually wasn’t bigger than the swiffer, but it certainly felt that way to me – LOL! 😀
      The painting is taking a break at the moment – the weather is just too nice to spend time indoors as much as it would require to get it done. 😉

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  9. Your June calendar is alive and so much fun! Glad you finally solved the problem of posting on WordPress. Perhaps, the problem lies with the WordPress system. Yesterday, I had problems updating a page on my WordPress website. An added section disappeared due to some error, but is visible when I published the page. I gave up after several failed attempts to correct the problem.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks so much, Rosaliene!
      Sorry to hear you’re also having trouble with WordPress lately, I know how annoying this can be. And I can’t blame you for giving up! Wish I could help but unfortunately I’m no tech wiz. So will my fingers keep crossed that the problem will solve itself soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Don’t tell me your washing machine broke… again. Oh no. I love your calendars, Sarah, and I’m glad you figured out the WP problem. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about you with the flooding in Germany. The images on the news here are so tragic. I have you and your country in my heart. ❤ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No, no, it didn’t! Sorry to have worried you like this, Diana. I just wanted to wear a particular dress the next day, and with the laundry basket not being full enough to justify loading the washer I simply washed it in the kitchen sink – lol!
      Yes, the flooding is terrible and the pictures very shocking. Fortunately no flooding here in Berlin, but my heart goes out to all those who have lost their homes. The situation is still critical but people already started cleaning up. I’ve been to this part of Germany once, spending a summer on an archeological dig, it’s one of the most beautiful regions really. So sad to see it like this. 😦
      Hope you’re well? I’m so sorry for having visited your blog yet, always so much to do in summer, it’s difficult to find the time to sit down and write/read. But you’re on top of my list, so there’s hope. 😉 In the meantime I’m wishing you a very lovely summer! Take care! ❤ ❤

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  11. Hi Sarah, I did wonder where you may have disappeared when your Changing Seasons didn’t appear. I did have all fingers and toes crossed my friend was OK.
    I am going for 14th your washing machine broke down again and you couldn’t fix it like last time. 23rd the blasted washing machine leaked everywhere. 26th new hair cut/style.
    All the rest are easy as you wrote about most of them already.
    Glad all is well Sarah 🤗❤❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Brian! Thanks for your lovely comment, and I’m sorry I worried you.
      Hehe! Actually the washing machine didn’t break down, though I think that’s a very easy conclusion to make given my history in repairing washing machines. 😉 In this case however I just wanted to quickly wash a particular dress I wanted to wear the next day, and since the laundry basket wasn’t full enough to justify loading the washer it seemed the best way to get it done.
      Wish I had hair like that! But it’s just a new painting I’m currently working on. 😉
      Wishing you a lovely week ahead! ❤ 🙂


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