Houston, we…I have a problem

  Yesterday I came across a hilariously funny post written by my new friend C.M. Blackwood – I´m taking the liberty and add one of my earlier paintings as I think it might fit;) Please visit her beautiful and inspiring blog!   Me: Houston, we have a problem. Houston: What is it? Me: I’m notContinue reading “Houston, we…I have a problem”

Outer Space – Asteroid Impacts and Stardust

I´ve always been fascinated by the infinity of outer space and the spectacular images that are made from Planets and Nebulas. The black-and-white pictures made in the early stages of photography inspired me for my 6th painting – a lunar surface covered with asteroid impacts. And my 7th painting finally got a little colour toContinue reading “Outer Space – Asteroid Impacts and Stardust”