Train Stations of Berlin: Hermannplatz

  Here comes the second installment of my new blog series – train stations of Berlin! (Click here for the first one.) Hermannplatz is one of the busiest train stations in Berlin. It serves as an interchange between two service lines (U7 and U8) and was opened in 1926. The station´s architects were Alfred GrenanderContinue reading “Train Stations of Berlin: Hermannplatz”

3rd of May – Paranormal Day

    Today is Paranormal Day! One of the best paranormal TV-series in my mind, is “The X-Files” starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. It´s called “Akte X” in German, and when I was at school I did this drawing for a school project. The paper has become yellow over time but the colors areContinue reading “3rd of May – Paranormal Day”