Taking Off!

    Today´s prompt for the May 2018 Art Challenge: Smile Makers! is “Birds” which fits my latest bird painting frenzy just perfectly. 😉 So today I painted this pair of Eurasian cranes just about to take off. I always find it quite  amusing to watch particularly those birds that need to take a long run-up becauseContinue reading “Taking Off!”

Magnolia Dreams… and Matcha-Cheesecake

I wish you all a magnificent, peaceful and Happy Easter! 🐣 🐰 Last Monday – the last warm day before it got cold again 😉 – I went with my mum on a beautiful walk to enjoy the sun and get some much needed exercise. It was quite stormy though and the wind was whippingContinue reading “Magnolia Dreams… and Matcha-Cheesecake”