Virtual Tea Party 2020 – Christmas Edition

Today is the final Virtual Afternoon Tea for this year – and what a strange and frightening year it has been. Su’s wonderful idea to bring us all together over our favorite tea treats and have a little chat each month was one of few highlights I had the great pleasure to enjoy this year.Continue reading “Virtual Tea Party 2020 – Christmas Edition”

Virtual Tea Party – Cinnamon Edition

I’m not going to whine about how fast time has gone again, and that I haven’t properly prepared for today’s virtual tea party – because in the end I managed to bake a tray of these delicious cinnamon buns this morning and they have made me completely happy because, well, you know, CINNAMON!!! (By nowContinue reading “Virtual Tea Party – Cinnamon Edition”

Virtual Afternoon Coffee; let’s sit inside ’cause it’s raining ;)

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Su’s post two days ago declaring it’s time again for our monthly virtual tea party – how could it be that we’re already halfway through October? (Let alone more than halfway through this year?) I have absolutely no idea, and even worse – I haven’t baked anything forContinue reading “Virtual Afternoon Coffee; let’s sit inside ’cause it’s raining ;)”

A Piece of Heaven

  My dear friend Su has come up with the fabulous idea to host a virtual tea party each month, indulging us with her wonderful photos of delicious food, beautiful china and great tea.   Today I’m going to serve you a piece of heaven. Yes, that’s right – heaven. Because if you ever get the chance to eatContinue reading “A Piece of Heaven”