More Mythology: Leda and the Swan (…or is it Leia?;)

This classic theme – “Leda and the Swan” – is originating in greek mythology (sometimes I ask myself, what isn´t;), and has also been a very popular motif in the Renaissance. In short: Zeus is succesfully seducing Leda (who, among others, is the mother of Helen – you know, that absolutely beautiful girl who apparentlyContinue reading “More Mythology: Leda and the Swan (…or is it Leia?;)”

Back to Mythology … Sea-Horses

As I´ve already mentioned before: I´m a huge fan of ancient greek and roman mythology! So, here are my two little Sea-Horses – or Hippocampi 🙂

How to tame a Harpy…

As you can see, I´ve really got a soft spot for winged women…:) In this case, it´s a Harpy -a mythological creature, which combines two main physical aspects: the face and upper body of a woman and the wings of a bird. I´ve been fascinated by these creatures ever since reading “Ronia the Robber´s Daughter”Continue reading “How to tame a Harpy…”