Navy … eh, Baby Seals

  In late february some seals start having their pups, like the harp seal/saddleback seal which is a species of earless seals native to the northernmost Atlantic Ocean. It´s sientific name – Pagophilus groenlandicus – means “Ice-lover from Greenland”. All female seals have to come back to land, or in this case pack ice, toContinue reading “Navy … eh, Baby Seals”

In Love with Polar Bears!!!

Whilst working on my Degas-Painting, I was additionaly working on another painting in secret for my mum´s birthday. Because I couldn´t risk “being caught” by her, I didn´t post this painting from the first steps on, as I usually do. My mum is madly in love with polar bears (well, who isn´t – apart fromContinue reading “In Love with Polar Bears!!!”

The Heart of the Great Alone – Polar Expedition

I´ve always been very interested in the history of Polar exploration, as well as in early photography and the conditions under which it was accomplished. My fourth and fifth painting were therefore heavily influenced by another book I was reading at that time – “The Heart of the Great Alone – Scott, Shackelton and AntarcticContinue reading “The Heart of the Great Alone – Polar Expedition”