Birds of a Feather (inspired painting)

Sometimes when I read a story or a poem, images just pop up into my head and fill me with the wish to fix them on paper or a canvas. This is what happened when I read this truly magnificent and original short story “Birds of a Feather” by my dear friend Mary Cathleen Clark.Continue reading “Birds of a Feather (inspired painting)”

Ghostly Image – Love

    My latest ghostly image “Love” has been inspired by a wonderful short story called “A Promise of Paradise” which I came across this highly fascinating blog “Cakeordeathsite” – please visit it! I find the story absolutely captivating and very intriguingly written. It´s lure reminded me of the works by Kafka and Stephen King.Continue reading “Ghostly Image – Love”

Can I give you a hand? (Or 2, or 3,…)

Did you know that the skeleton of an average human hand consists of 27 bones? That´s why among other things it´s so very hard to mend them sometimes when broken.   Most people think, that drawing a face is difficult (which done properly surely is). But actually it´s even harder to draw a human hand.Continue reading “Can I give you a hand? (Or 2, or 3,…)”

Those Eyes!

Once again I was touched by one of my dear friend Syeda´s beautiful poems! It made me want to draw those eyes she was so passionately writing about … and I hope I did her justice.         Those deep beautiful eyes, They say so many lies, So many truths they hide, OceansContinue reading “Those Eyes!”

I’m abandoned (or) Am I abandoning all?

  I´ve met a wonderful new friend here just a couple of days ago – SyedaFR –  and she writes the most beautiful poetry I´ve ever read!   After liking each other´s posts like crazy;) we´ve come up with the idea to create something new: I said that I would love to paint or drawContinue reading “I’m abandoned (or) Am I abandoning all?”

In the Mood for… Rousseau – The Dream

In the Mood for… Rousseau – The Dream (acrylic on canvas) This weekend I finished my latest painting! It´s inspired by the painting “The Dream” by the french painter Henri Rousseau (1844-1910), a post-impressionist who taught himself to paint and was tragically ridiculed by critics for his naïve manner during his lifetime. “The Dream” (1910)Continue reading “In the Mood for… Rousseau – The Dream”

Impeccable Models

I guess this is a slightly different kind of reblogging…:)   A couple of weeks ago I came across a wonderful blog called ““A Gerbil´s World” – and asked Timon and Pumbaa permission for using their beautiful pictures to practice drawing. Luckily it was granted and they were simply impeccable models – they didn´t moveContinue reading “Impeccable Models”

In the Mood for… Paintings inspired by the Masters

In the Mood for… Marc: Little Monkey (acrylic on canvas; 30×24 cm; 2016) In the Mood for… Rousseau – The Dream (acrylic on canvas; 40×30 cm) In the Mood for… Velázquez – The Rokeby Venus (acrylic on canvas; 40×30 cm) In the Mood for … Vermeer – Girl with a Pearl Earring (acrylic on canvas;Continue reading “In the Mood for… Paintings inspired by the Masters”


      A pair of gerbils in a coconut         gerbil   gerbils                                                                   guinea pigs    In the Mood for Beatrix Potter