Summer Companions

  I can feel that summer is coming to an end here in the northern hemisphere. It seems to come earlier each year and instead of gently drifting of to autumn it will be winter all of a sudden, at least that´s what happened in the last years and I don´t have reason to believeContinue reading “Summer Companions”

It´s getting cold outside…

That´s how I must have looked yesterday, wrapped up from head to toe and determined to enjoy my walk despite the icy wind;) ´Cause you know: There´s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing!

In the Mood for … William Turner

I actually – and secretely – started this project last winter, when I buried myself in a book about Impressionism and became aware of my deeply hidden wish to be able to paint just like the great painters, whom I´ve already admired for years. This desire has become quite overwhelming and so I finally gaveContinue reading “In the Mood for … William Turner”