The Changing Seasons – January 2018

  I´m in for a new blogging adventure called “The Changing Seasons”, a monthly event and photo challenge that has been originally invented by Max over at Cardinal Guzman and is now in the wonderful and capable hands of my dear friend Su over at Zimmerbitch. January started with the few Christmas decorations I managed toContinue reading “The Changing Seasons – January 2018”

The World Upon Their Shoulders

    On one of my occasional strolls through the streets of Berlin, I came across this magnificent entrance to a building complex that´s situated right beside the Catholic Church of St Bonifatius in Kreuzberg. In the middle of the oak leaf (?) wreath the date of the buildings completion has been added, 1891/1892. CuriousContinue reading “The World Upon Their Shoulders”

Sepia Sunday – You Shall Not Pass

As you can see the handrails on these pipelines crossing one of the mayor canals in Berlin only extend half to its length. Some people might think this is due to a certain wizard (Gandalf from Tolkien´s “Lord of the Rings”) feeling the need to say in a booming voice: “You shall not pass!” 😉Continue reading “Sepia Sunday – You Shall Not Pass”

Sepia Sunday – Winged Bull

  I can not count how many times I went by this church, but only now, that I´m discovering Berlin with my new camera, I noticed this little figure of a winged bull high up on one of the corners of the belltower. 🙂 Wish you all a wonderful (sepia) sunday!!