Pulled From the Archives: Last Minute Low-Budget DIY Christmas Presents

  Due to recent events I still find myself in rather a low place at the moment and although I kind of promised myself to never do this because I consider myself an endless fountain of creativity and inspiration 😉 , I now have decided to pull some earlier posts from my archives and reblogContinue reading “Pulled From the Archives: Last Minute Low-Budget DIY Christmas Presents”

Last Minute low-budget DIY Christmas Presents

If you´re anything like me, you´ll wonder how fast Christmas is upon us every year anew, too;) As a rule, I try to make as many selfmade presents as I possibly can, ´cause I myself like these kind of presents the most 🙂 So I´ve come up with some last minute DIY Christmas Present ideasContinue reading “Last Minute low-budget DIY Christmas Presents”