“Do you know this man???”   No, I haven´t changed my profession and joined the profiling specialists of the FBI, I merely am practicing the art of drawing profiles now. 😉 As it happens it´s not as easy as I first thought. It´s just as equally important to get all the proportions right as withContinue reading “Profiling”

Guess What?! A Classic Character in Film and Literature

There´s only one thing that´s good when you´re ill: lying in bed and watching films you love 🙂   This time though I only did a drawing of the main character of the film who also happens to be a very important and prominent character in literature;)   Dare I ask if you can recognizeContinue reading “Guess What?! A Classic Character in Film and Literature”

Ghostly Image – Love

    My latest ghostly image “Love” has been inspired by a wonderful short story called “A Promise of Paradise” which I came across this highly fascinating blog “Cakeordeathsite” – please visit it! I find the story absolutely captivating and very intriguingly written. It´s lure reminded me of the works by Kafka and Stephen King.Continue reading “Ghostly Image – Love”