It’s A Beautiful Day – 30 Days 30 Songs

  Today’s the second day of my new blog challenge, where I want to share with you some of my very favourite songs for the whole month of June:   30 Days – 30 Songs!   The following song was dificult to pick because U2 are one of my most favourite bands ever, and choosingContinue reading “It’s A Beautiful Day – 30 Days 30 Songs”

At the Fair

  Last Sunday I went to the fair that always takes place around this time of year in Berlin. When I was a kid I used to get very excited just at the mere thought to go there, but usually the fun was rather short – just a couple of rides on the various carouselsContinue reading “At the Fair”

3-Day Quote Challenge # 1 – Memories

  I´ve been tagged for the 3-Day Quote Challenge by my wonderful friend Ju-Lyn from over at Sunrise, Sunset – Matters of Perspective! Thank you so much for tagging me, Ju-Lyn! I just love quotes!   “Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.” – Oscar Wilde   Oscar Wilde is one ofContinue reading “3-Day Quote Challenge # 1 – Memories”

Train Stations of Berlin: Hermannplatz

  Here comes the second installment of my new blog series – train stations of Berlin! (Click here for the first one.) Hermannplatz is one of the busiest train stations in Berlin. It serves as an interchange between two service lines (U7 and U8) and was opened in 1926. The station´s architects were Alfred GrenanderContinue reading “Train Stations of Berlin: Hermannplatz”