Doodling to Become Zen

  I´m sure many of you did feel just as stressed out over the last holidays as I did. Which if you think of it, is ridiculous really, we should feel happy and excited, like we did when we we´re kids. I mean – it´s the holidays, right? So, to help me get into aContinue reading “Doodling to Become Zen”

Cuban Pygmy Owl

  I don´t know about you but I just love owls! They are beautiful, very smart, perfect hunters and like me, squint in the daylight. 😉 In the modern West they´re usually associated with wisdom, a link that goes back at least as far as to Ancient Greece where the goddess Athena had the owlContinue reading “Cuban Pygmy Owl”


      A pair of gerbils in a coconut         gerbil   gerbils                                                                   guinea pigs    In the Mood for Beatrix Potter                                      

Animal Paintings

A Pair of Puffins (acrylic on canvas; 30x24cm; August 2016) True Grit (2016, acrylic on canvas; 24×18 cm)   Kissing Horses (2016, acrylic on canvas; 40×30 cm)   Gray Wolf (2015, acrylic on canvas; 50×40 cm)   In Love with Polar Bears (2015, acrylic on canvas; 40×30 cm)  

More Owls… ´cause there can never be enough!

Here comes another owl of mine, though this time it´s neither drawn or painted, but made of clay! It´s a candle holder for tealights and I made it last winter ´cause you need every bit of light you can get, when it´s getting dark … Hope you like it!:)

Sketching – Sleeping Owl

Before I paint, I normally sketch my ideas, like with “Sleeping Owl”. So I´m going to post them as well. Some of these sketchings aren´t yet realized as paintings, and some are not even meant for paintings, but for projects that are to be realized in clay – which I´m going to post here asContinue reading “Sketching – Sleeping Owl”