Animal Quick Sketching

  The summer holidays started this week and the whole family went to the Berlin Zoo to celebrate! 🙂 We had lots of fun, fantastic weather and stuffed ourselves with delicious ice cream! It was also a little premiere for me, as I tried myself the first time on animal quick sketching. It came asContinue reading “Animal Quick Sketching”

Can I give you a hand? (Or 2, or 3,…)

Did you know that the skeleton of an average human hand consists of 27 bones? That´s why among other things it´s so very hard to mend them sometimes when broken.   Most people think, that drawing a face is difficult (which done properly surely is). But actually it´s even harder to draw a human hand.Continue reading “Can I give you a hand? (Or 2, or 3,…)”

Impeccable Models

I guess this is a slightly different kind of reblogging…:)   A couple of weeks ago I came across a wonderful blog called ““A Gerbil´s World” – and asked Timon and Pumbaa permission for using their beautiful pictures to practice drawing. Luckily it was granted and they were simply impeccable models – they didn´t moveContinue reading “Impeccable Models”