Film Friday – “Never Tell Me The Odds!”

    Film Fridays is a project initiated by Darren from over at The Arty Plantsman and me. After doing a daily music challenge for a month last year we talked about doing something similar for movies. And the current global lockdowns give us the perfect excuse to start! Many of us are confined to home with onlyContinue reading “Film Friday – “Never Tell Me The Odds!””

Share Your Music! 30 Days – 30 Songs

Yesterday I came up with an idea for a new blog challenge – I want to share with you some of the music I absolutely love, and I’m going to do this for the whole month of June!! So it’s going to be a song a day! 30 Days – 30 Songs! If you’d like toContinue reading “Share Your Music! 30 Days – 30 Songs”

Childhood Dreams

    Today´s prompt for the May 2018 Art Challenge: Smile Makers! is “Turtles” which immediately made me think of those huge turtles living on the Galapagos Islands. So I thought I might paint a water color of these giants but then noticed that I would also have to paint a person to give it a scaleContinue reading “Childhood Dreams”

May The Force Be With You!

    Today´s prompt for the May 2018 Art Challenge: Smile Makers! is stars. And when I think of stars, I think of Star Wars. (I´m a huge fan, although admittedly more of the original trilogy than all the new stuff. I haven’t even watched the last one yet since I was so disappointed by theContinue reading “May The Force Be With You!”

4th of May – Star Wars Day

    Today is Star Wars Day!!! As you can guess from the overexcited use of exclamation marks – I am a fan 😉 I still have many of the posters that used to hang in my room when I was a kid but now they are well hidden inside some boxes holding my teenageContinue reading “4th of May – Star Wars Day”