The Changing Seasons – June 2020 & Corvid 2020 Wrap-Up

It’s time again for the wonderful challenge The Changing Seasons hosted by my dear friend Su from Zimmerbitch! And also, because I failed to do so yet, I’m including my wrap-up for Tracy‘s wonderful Corvid 2020 Weekly Challenge, that, like all good things have to at one point, has come to an end.   I haven’t taken manyContinue reading “The Changing Seasons – June 2020 & Corvid 2020 Wrap-Up”

Corvid 2020 Weekly Challenge #9

My wonderful friend Tracy from over at Reflections of An Untidy Mind started a lovely new blog challenge nine weeks ago – the Corvid 2020 Weekly Challenge. Here’s a little snippet from her, so you know what it’s all about: “Corvids are birds belonging to the Corvidae family, encompassing ravens, crows, magpies, jays and nutcrackers.Continue reading “Corvid 2020 Weekly Challenge #9”