A Surprising Encounter

    Over 3.5 million people and a few thousand foxes live in Berlin, and supposedly the latter can be seen just about everywhere but so far I only ever saw one single fox. It was a couple of years back when I was on my way back home after a late course at uni.Continue reading “A Surprising Encounter”

Summer Companions

  I can feel that summer is coming to an end here in the northern hemisphere. It seems to come earlier each year and instead of gently drifting of to autumn it will be winter all of a sudden, at least that´s what happened in the last years and I don´t have reason to believeContinue reading “Summer Companions”

It came, sniffed and gobbled up…

    It´s been a long time since I could go out for a walk, over 5 weeks now that I have been battling an infection of my sinuses. I normally don´t run to the doctor, so in the beginning, I waited for two weeks to see if it would get better. It didn’t. So,Continue reading “It came, sniffed and gobbled up…”

Winter Solstice 

My lovely friend Patty asked me again if I’d like to contribute to the wonderful blog “The Strix” that she’s a part of and also administrating. Although she gave me a huge head-start I hardly found the time to come up with an idea for this topic’s theme, the winter solstice, and already told her that I couldn’tContinue reading “Winter Solstice “

It´s getting cold outside…

That´s how I must have looked yesterday, wrapped up from head to toe and determined to enjoy my walk despite the icy wind;) ´Cause you know: There´s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing!