3rd of May – Paranormal Day

    Today is Paranormal Day! One of the best paranormal TV-series in my mind, is “The X-Files” starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. It´s called “Akte X” in German, and when I was at school I did this drawing for a school project. The paper has become yellow over time but the colors areContinue reading “3rd of May – Paranormal Day”

2nd of May – World Asthma Day

    Today is World Asthma Day. I have asthma. But I´m not alone as it is sadly one the most common diseases worldwide. The WHO assumes that 230 to 300 million people worldwide suffer from this disease – and that´s only the reported cases. Although it is a serious disease it can be treatedContinue reading “2nd of May – World Asthma Day”

4th of May – Star Wars Day

    Today is Star Wars Day!!! As you can guess from the overexcited use of exclamation marks – I am a fan 😉 I still have many of the posters that used to hang in my room when I was a kid but now they are well hidden inside some boxes holding my teenageContinue reading “4th of May – Star Wars Day”

May Challenge – Happy Mother Goose Day

  Lately I have felt a bit low creative-wise. I know this can happen, but I don´t have to like it 😉 That´s why I´ve come up with the idea to challenge myself, to get back on the horse so to speak. Nearly every day there´s a World Day in appreciation, awareness or commemoration ofContinue reading “May Challenge – Happy Mother Goose Day”