Guest Secret Artist


Wooden box crafted by Chris (photographed by Chris)


Let me introduce you to Chris – a man of many passions and seemingly endless energy to pursue them 😉


You might already know him from his wonderful blog “Milford Street” (if not that´s your chance to hop over right now 😉 No, wait! Read this first, and then you can hop over 😉 ).

On his blog he shares his absoulutely stunning photographs as well as stories about his life (for instance: an amazing 2-month trip to El Salvador in order to become an English-as-a-Second-Language teacher).

What you might not know about him (because he´s too humble to share it on his awesome blog 😉 ) is that he´s also incredibly talented when it comes to the art of wood-working!

After endlessly nagging him about sending me some photographs, showing this beautifully crafted box made from a recycled wood pallet, he finally gave in. 🙂

So, if you´re just in love with this box as I am, please go visit his blog and make sure to tell him!! 🙂


box front (photographed by Chris)


As you probably all know by now, I´m pretty enthusiastic when it comes to art 😉

So there was absolutely no question for me that this lovingly crafted box that Chris made with his own hands as a present for his wife, had to be shared with the world, i.e. you! 🙂


Being a photographer, Chris is already an artist in his own rights (and a very good one too!).

But I wanted to show you that there´s even more to the man than can be seen on his blog, a secret artistic talent if you like.


I also think that this is something many people may have in common – having a hidden talent or passion they´re not sure about sharing with others.


In fact, this is also true for me, as I´m not a trained artist but an art-historian in profession. And it is exactly why I started my blog – to show that there´s this other side of me, the side that does not only know an awful lot about art, but also loves to do art herself.


But not everyone with a hidden or secret talent might want to share it on his or her blog, mainly because it´s already dedicated to something else.


And that´s when it hit me: why not make a guest-post every once in a while for people exactly like that? People like Chris, who has a photo-themed blog but obviously many more things to be proud of. 🙂


So, if you´re interested yourself, or know someone (either in the blogging world or in real life) who has a secret talent, just contact me here on WordPress or sent me an email!

This is your chance to go beyond the limits of your blog and share a secret talent!!! 🙂


I´m looking very much forward to hear from you all!


Sarah 🙂 xxx

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26 thoughts on “Guest Secret Artist

  1. Nice to know more about the fantastic photographer, Chris. 🙂
    You can tell he has an artistic “eye.”
    Thanks for finding this out and passing out his secret craft of woodworking. 🙂 Great blog post idea, too.

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  2. How lovely to share Chris’s photos and celebrate his talent. Wood-working would be such a wonderful skill to have. I can’t hammer a nail in straight, nor saw a piece of wood evenly no matter how well I mark it. Luckily, the Big T is very handy that way, and being an engineer is very good at making sure his constructions are robust.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much, Sarah. I hope to be worthy of all of this praise. I’m glad you enjoyed my wooden box. I have ideas for other projects but just lack the time. I really like the idea of posts about people’s secret art. I’m sure that there are others out there like me who are doing something but don’t feel like they have enough skill to post about it or are too humble. Your post is the perfect vehicle for them. Cheers!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re very welcome, Chris! 😄 And you definitely are 😃
      Hope you’ll find the time someday, it would be so sad if not as I’m sure your projects will be wonderful! 😄 And then we could do another post about it 😉 Have an awesome weekend! Cheers! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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