You Think Climate Change Is Not Real? Watch This And Think Again!


polar bears

Polar bears – they are at risk too, just like the rest of us. (water color 2019)


I’m working hard to keep my blog a place where you can find happiness and maybe some distraction from your hectic everyday life by sharing my art which is mostly inspired by my love for nature and animals.

I don’t often talk politics or religion – both of which can present a lot of conflict.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t think or talk about it in private. I do, and rather a lot.

But as I said, I try to steer away from these subjects as much as I can when it comes to my blog.

But I no longer can.

A dear blogging friend of mine, Gill Morris from over at Talking Thailand, shared a couple of video clips in her latest The Changing Seasons post, one of which made me cry very hard.

I watched it half an hour ago, and I’m still shaken and shocked.

I want you – no, I urge you – to watch this video too.

It’s not nice.

It’s not sweet.

It’s truly horrible.

But it is necessary to raise awareness to the terrible effects of climate change.




If you feel like it, please share this video on the social media platform of your choice.

It really is important.

We have to stop looking away.

We have to take action.



We all can do our bit to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide, and also reduce our plastic footprint.

If you’re unsure about how to start, have a look at this site from the WWF or just google it.


You’re not only saving animals like these walruses if you do this, but in the end, you will save yourself, your children, every human being that comes after us.


99 thoughts on “You Think Climate Change Is Not Real? Watch This And Think Again!

  1. Thank you for posting this. Your painting is lovely and your post is such a heartfelt and honest piece and sharing the video is helping to raise awareness. I’m going to do a little research and use the video for a post on my website. Together we can make a change!
    Beth Hanson

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    • Thank you very much, Beth, and you’re welcome!
      I am reminded of this video and what it all means on a daily basis really, whenever I watch my fellow human beings acting as they do – there’s a lot of carelessness out there and we need to do everything we can to encourage awareness and readiness to change your ways and habits.

      I’m currently on a little social media break, but look forward to reading your blog as soon as I get back. 🙂


  2. Important post – thanks. One newspaper made it known this week they no longer call it ‘climate change’ but ‘climate crisis’, and not global warming but global heating.

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    • You’re welcome, Emma.
      And thank you for letting me know about this, it does make more sense to call it climate crisis! Because that’s what it is – a manmade crisis.


  3. I saw this video when it first appeared in the programme and it is the most upsetting piece of film to watch. I have only cried like l did before watching thos on two occasions, watching Gorillas in the Mist in 1990, and seeing a bullfight when l was 12. There are many more moments when l have been disgusted at the shape of our world, l have designs and posts on this very subject.

    The biggest problem we have is the overall apathy that does not think this is their problem, it is someone else’s problem, well it’s not – l remember talking about climate change 20 years ago and as to plastic waste, well who was it who said ‘what bright spark thought dumping plastics into our oceans was a great idea?’ Plastic waste is killing our way of life and more importantly it is killing our earth as well as all the earth’s natural inhabitants.

    This is very much our problem, it isn’t enough to say ‘oh yes, it’s terrible’ anymore, now we all need to be acting on our initial thoughts and really fighting for what is right.

    An excellent post Sarah.

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    • Thank you so much for your really heartfelt comment, and I’m so sorry to reply this late to it, it has somehow been caught in my spam folder. I also cried when watching Gorillas in the Mist back in the 90’s and remember it very well. Luckily I’ve never watched a bull-fight and don’t intend doing so – ever! Fortunately the Spanish do see sense and are about to stop this horrible tradition, at least, that’s what I’ve heard.
      You’re very right in saying that it’s not enough anymore to simply say “yes, how terrible” and then decide to look the other way. It starts with everyone of us. We need to think about all the plastics we use daily and without a second thought and then see if we can’t replace it with another material that isn’t as harmful. Our buying decisions can dictate what is produced, if people decide to make a change for the better, the industry is forced to change their ways. And of course our governments must be made to see the need for immediate change as well. The polls at the European Election showed that people in Germany are getting more and more interested in living more resourceful. Let’s hope it will work out in the end!

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  4. What a heartbreaking video to watch but one that can’t be ignored. Our world is changing, species are being affected and it’s an undeniable fact that climate change is a factor. Thank you for sharing this and raising awareness. 🙏

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  5. This is such a fantastic message. My heart breaks that our beautiful earth is going in the wrong direction. Everyone needs to make changes to bring it back. I think every person should watch this, it would spark change.

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    • Thank you, Lisa! I think the same – if every person were to watch this video, it would definitely spark a change! People need to get confronted with the consequences of their wrong-doings. There’s no denying who’s to blame for this tragedy.


  6. Climate change is no joke. While this topic can be depressing and very political, it is a very real topic – and thank you for bringing it up. That video is so sad, the walrus tumbling down and around the rough rocks. More needs to be done and hopefully all of us can help in one way. Hugs across the miles ❤

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    • Thank you so much for watching this video, Mabel – I know it’s a tough one.
      I truly believe that we still have a chance to safe this planet, if only we would act fast and all together. This Sunday the European Parliament is to be elected and my hopes are that many people will make the right choice and vote for those parties that are interested in these matters. We need the politicians and governments in order to have an impact on a global level. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
      Many hugs back to you, my friend! ❤


  7. Reblogged this on and commented:
    The walrus is not an animal that shows up in our everyday lives that often. When they do, it is usually in passing. The walrus is our friend in a passing sort of way – a neighbor that we see every once in a while. We don’t know all of that neighbor’s business. We do know that neighbor is a generally good person. She always has a good morning wave for us and perhaps a bit of uplifting chatter.

    One day, you pass in front of this neighbor’s house. You notice that the lawn is disheveled, the window is broken in and the car is on blocks. What happened? You feel a pang of curious sympathy, but you pass on. You have stuff to do, and your relationship doesn’t really call for you asking about the situation. It’s none of your business.

    Word gets around. You find out that the family is in mourning. One of the children has died, and no one knows how it happened.

    The next day, they are all gone.

    Your former neighbor is now the center of conversation around the block. “I never really knew them, but everything looked ok.” “We never really talked to them; I just assumed they were busy.”

    Well, this video is what is happening to our neighbors as we assume that everything is ok.

    The truth is that every piece of plastic we use and every molecule of CO2 we emit is killing our neighbor. We say hello to them in passing and feel as though we have done our neighborly duty. We cannot see the connection between our apathy and their bad fortune. Worse, we are actively causing their pain and completely ignorant of our role.

    This does not relieve us of our responsibility. It can be a shock to the system to have our eyes opened, but it must be done. Our neighbors are dying because of us. Our share of the blame is ugly to watch.

    Read Sarah’s post and watch the video.

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    • Dominique – thank you so, so much for reblogging this! I truly appreciate it a lot!
      And you found the perfect words, my friend. It’s exactly like you say, and you comparing the walruses to human neighbors helps making it clear to those people who have trouble sympathizing and realizing how badly and ignorantly we behave.

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  8. A friend told he’s going to vote “Urgence écologie” at the european elections he must be right !! … Have a nice weekend anyway and congratulations on your water color, it’s very cute !!!

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    • Thank you! 😀 Yes, everybody should vote next Sunday and try to make the right choice in order to save what’s left of our planet. We only have this one, so we better protect it!
      Have a lovely week ahead!


  9. This video clip is so upsetting! I couldn’t write any comment on your blog yesterday. Having said that, I think you did right by sharing it, Sarah. These horrendous images need to be seen by as many people as possible, and hopefully will urge us to meaningful action. We need to stop being greedy and stupid! I will reblog your post in the next few days. I just have to write the right introduction. Keep well my friend. Hug.

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    • I know it is, Dominique. And I’m thankful that you watched it anyway. There’s really no denying who’s to blame for this horrible tragedy. 😦
      Thank you for wanting to reblog this, I really appreciate it, my friend!
      Hugs&love! xoxo

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      • I was suppose to write to you this weekend but took the time to write the introduction to the reblog instead. I will post it soon and write to you too my friend. Much love!

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      • Aww – that’s so wonderful! As much as I love getting emails from you, spreading this video and getting people to think and change is much more important! Thank you so much, dear friend!! Much love!! xoxo

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      • Ooh I will write to you my friend… Soon. My life is a roller coaster at the moment, but thankfully Darren and Lisa are visiting me in a few days. That will surely calm me down in the most positive way. I give my thanks to you and Gill for spreading the video. Hugs mon amie. xoxo

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      • So sorry to hear about the roller coaster – and glad that Darren and Lisa will soon help make the ride a bit slower and more pleasant! 😀 Hugs&love! xoxo

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  10. It’s great that you have shared this too! We all really need to wake up, it is our home after all! That scene was truly upsetting, I cried when I watched it too! David Attenborough has been trying to tell us all about this for years and years and he tirelessly works towards saving out planet – I love him, he is a true inspiration, I just wish people would start to listen more. Having said that, there are so many programmes going on at the moment to raise awareness and supermarkets etc are starting to help by getting people to pay for bags etc (even in Thailand, they are too!) So, maybe we can turn things around. Love your polar bears by the way xx

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    • Thank you, Gill!
      I really think every human being should be made to watch this – there’s no denying who’s to blame for this tragedy.
      It’s great to hear that there are all steps being taken in countries like Thailand to raise awareness.
      I think quite a lot of people are willing to do their bit, but who we really need to address are our politicians, governments and corporations of all kind. Every little helps of course, but it’s the big industry that must change as well. Without new laws and regulations there won’t be any real change I fear.
      Thank you again, for bringing this documentary to my attention. 🙂 xxx

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  11. Als Lebensgemeinschaft setzten wir uns für ein ökologisches Wirtschaften in unserer Firma ein und ermutigen unsere Kinder an den Klimaschutzdemonstrationen zu beteiligen, die von Great Thunberg initiert worden sind. Das Eisbärenbild ist übrigens sehr schön.

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    • You’re welcome, Ann. And yes, now that we know, there is definitely no excuse! We all have to do our best and work together on this. It is possible I feel, but we need to get the big bosses doing their job as well!
      Have a lovely Sunday!

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  12. I have seen the clip and it is sad to see such thing happens and in part due to us. I completely understand that this is the topic that can create some heated debates.

    Love your water painting of the polar bears. Hope we are not the one to make them completely gone.

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  13. This is such horrible tragedy, so preventable were we living more compatibly with nature.

    Lots of individual people do as much as they reasonably can to reduce carbon footprints on the earth, but it must be national and corporate priorities to make the really huge changes that must be undertaken. I’m not saying we should just give up doing our small parts, but we have to encourage and legislate to make the huge changes necessary to make a truly positive impact on the future of our world for the sake of our children.

    Thank you, Sarah, for being brave about exposing this horror. Your polar bear painting is one of my favorites.

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    • You’re welcome, Shari. And thank you for watching, I know how hard it must have been.

      And I couldn’t agree more – our governments have to be convinced to act as well. Can you believe that airlines in Germany don’t even have to pay taxes for the petrol they’re using? The state subsidizes this!!
      Big corporations are allowed to pollute our environment because they’re making money, the god to all human beings are praying like soulless monsters.

      When I heard about the European Union wanting to stop the sale of plastics you can only use once like straws, I thought it was active from now on. But no, we have to wait another two years at least!! Why wait?!

      I’m getting more and more furious about this all, and desperate as well.

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  14. I keep waiting to see if anyone will wake up here and start the ball rolling in the right direction. The weather here has been outrageous and no one seems to be connection the dots. It’s real and it’s going to get worse but they just keep the same stupid frame of mind. Grrrr. Makes me crazy.

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    • It’s like Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” It will take a lot of strength and effort to change the minds of at least some people. But if we manage to change the mind frames of those in charge, we stand a chance. Sadly it’s exactly them who are opposed to the very idea of saving our planet as it would involve loosing money. And that’s a thing most people are not willing to do. Greed and stupidity rule this world.

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  15. Living on an “island”, I have seen subtle changes around our coastal areas. Especially the warning notices of where to go in case of a tsunami. Then there is the issue of the habitats changing for many species. It is a huge issue and for me too big a one to deal with, so for my part, I do as much environmentally friendly “stuff” daily as I can possibly do.

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    • Sometimes I think that everybody lives on an island of their own, Suzanne. A metaphorical one, but none the less an island. And the distance between those island often seems insurmountable.
      It feels like those who keep yelling and yelling about climate change are deliberately ignored by the masses.
      I truly believe that doing as much environmentally friendly stuff on a daily basis is the first step in the right direction. It has to start somewhere. Now we only need to convince our governments to take action as well – another David versus Goliath thing but hopefully David will win again.

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  16. Thanks for sharing this video clip, Sarah. I recently finished watching the Netflix series, Our Planet, narrated by David Attenborough. I, too, found that scene very disturbing and heartbreaking. We humans have yet to comprehend the full extent of the devastation our lifestyles have on Earth’s web of life.

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    • You’re welcome, Rosaliene. I haven’t watched this series yet but came across this clip via a friend. I am not surprised at all that David Attenborough – one of my heroes – included this into it.
      If we don’t see what’s happening, then most people sadly choose to ignore it. They’ve heard about it all right, but they prefer to close their eyes before the truth. I hope that this video will reach some of them and make them realize that they need to change their way of thinking.

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  17. Many species are washing up dead from starvation. Global warming is but one of the ways we are destroying life at all levels and it is really heartbreaking. When an orca dies in Puget Sound, the body is classified toxic waste because of all the chemicals its poor body has absorbed in its lifetime. We could probably still step back from the cliff, but it will take the will of everyone to change, to begin to renew their connection to the earth and the creatures we share it with. Instead all I seem to hear about is people wanting to go colonize Mars! In the US, it will likely mean surrendering our precious capitalism, because under that system, the only acceptable measure of success is growth, and that is increasingly incompatible with life. I agree, it is good to avoid talking about this here, but sometimes we must. I hope this video touches and changes many minds. What people then need is a map. HOW can we change, what can we do differently? I spend a lot of time pondering this.

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    • Thank you very much for your heartfelt comment, Melissa. You’re right, global warming is but one of many ways how we try to destroy life on this planet.
      I didn’t know that about the orcas being classified as toxic waste when they die in Puget Sound, but in a horrible way it makes absolute sense.
      Connecting again with the earth and its creatures – this is exactly what we need to do! It’s s huge effort though, especially in the cities. I’ve just talked about spring lambs and such with my students and was shocked when they didn’t show any interest to see them! They prefer spending their time in front of their phones instead. Nature has become something of a bother to them. 😦
      Yeah – colonizing Mars! Completely sensible thing to do! 😉 But that’s how many people deal with a lot of stuff in their lives – if it doesn’t work anymore, just put it into the bin and go somewhere else, or buy something new.
      And then there are the governments and big firms who do as they please, never even wasting a thought to tomorrow. It’s all about the money and how to get more of it. Greed and stupidity – this is what defines most people sadly.

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      • You’re right. I do hear a about some efforts to bring gardens into cities, complete with chickens, and that makes me feel hopeful. If children in the city can learn how to grow their own food, they will make the connection hopefully to how the Earth literally is our life support system.

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  18. Thank you. We are having a Climate Change Demonstration in Narbonne (southern France) on 25 May and I am looking forward to picking up materials in the hopes of getting my village, and the other twelve villages in our commune, active. It will take all of us but each one is a small step in the right direction. Thanks again, Léa

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    • You’re welcome, Léa. We’re having Climate Change demonstration every Friday here in Berlin, and then also shortly before the European Parliament Elections. Wishing you the best of luck to motivate as many people as you can in your region. Every little helps!

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      • I am hoping to pick up some material in French at the demonstration and will make my own copies and drag them door-to-door if need be. I do want to get MJC involved (Youth organization) and as many others as possible. Finding information in French isn’t easy but necessary. I do hope to get some photos and do a post about it after the event. Thanks again and all the best in Berlin.

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