Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? 30 Days 30 Songs

Day 9 of my new blog challenge –

Share Your Music! 30 Days 30 Songs!

Since we already ventured into Latin American music yesterday, I think it’s only reasonable to mention now a song that, although not being performed by a Latin American but that really makes you think of one, has touched the hearts of countless women all around the globe.

The sound of Bryan Adams’ raspy voice, the lovely Spanish guitar… and Johnny Depp playing “Don Juan DeMarco” – could it get any better than that?!


Bryan Adams (Photo courtesy Wikipedia)





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45 thoughts on “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? 30 Days 30 Songs

    1. Hehe! Tell me about it! I realize that my taste in music is actually very revealing. πŸ˜€ Need to start listening into newer stuff and pretend I like that too. πŸ˜‰

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      1. I think I might do this challenge myself. My musical tastes are very eclectic and I even genuinely like some modern stuff! Nothing that ever reaches the charts or mainstream radio but there is good stuff out there.
        I think that musical taste is probably the most revealing thing about anyone which is why it hurts when people dismiss music you like.
        I read some research once that suggested we artistic introverts are drawn to sings in minor keys because they sound melancholy. Most chart pop songs are in major keys and sound upbeat.

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      2. I think it would be so awesome if you’d do this challenge yourself, Darren!! And I would really look forward to listening to your songs!
        Makes total sense to me that introverts prefer songs in a minor key, we kind of have this melancholy gene.
        Oh yes – it really can hurt when someone else dismisses your music taste. If this happens for instance early in a relationship it can be its early end!! 😁


      3. I scribbled a list on a bit of paper on my train journey to London yesterday. I was going to take a blogging break for July but might simply do this instead as I can schedule them in advance.
        I can cope with people saying that things are not to their taste but just dismissing something that someone loves is insensitive.

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      4. Going on a blogging break sounds familiar – that’s what I wanted to do in June when I came up with this challenge – lol!
        But I have to warn you, it’s much more time consuming and exhausting than I thought, and I begin to regret to have commited myself to a whole month. 14 days might have been a better idea.
        I’m way behind with catching up with everyone’s blogs which totally sucks!!

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      5. I know that feeling though I caught up fairly well during early mornings in Montreal. Slipping again now..
        I will try to get all mine written and scheduled before the end of june….honest!

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    1. He’s one of my favorites as well, Dominique! I was lucky to see him in concert a couple of years ago when he came to Berlin – it was an amazing concert! And he even played this song for us – knowing that all the women in the audience were craving for it! LOL! πŸ˜€

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      1. How fantastic that you were able to see him in concert. I’m sure he put a great show. From what I have heard he is a generous artist and gives it all to his fans.

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      2. I bet! Never saw him in concert but I have seen a few documentaries in which he was featured and he really impressed me. Yes, he is very talented but he also seems like a humble, generous and simple guy. My kind of artist.

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