In the Mood for… Diego Velázquez – The Rokeby Venus – Part I

I started working on a new painting today, inspired by the famous “Rokeby Venus” (around 1650) by Diego (Rodríguez de Silva y) Velázquez who was one of the most important spanish painters during the Golden Age.

Velazquez 1
In the Mood for… Velázquez: Rokeby Venus – Part I

As the leading artist of the Spanish Court he painted a lot of portraits of the Spanish Royal family and other european figures of importance, but also of common people.


One of his greatest works is “Las Meninas” (The Maids of Honour), but I opted for the “Rokeby Venus”, because it´s just the tiniest bit more sensual;) and I like the red curtain in the background, especially with Christmas coming…:)


If you´re interested, please look here here for the Original by Velázquez!:)


Wish you all a beautiful weekend!!!


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