Sepia Sunday – You Shall Not Pass


Pipelines crossing the Landwehrkanal, Berlin-Kreuzberg

As you can see the handrails on these pipelines crossing one of the mayor canals in Berlin only extend half to its length.

Some people might think this is due to a certain wizard (Gandalf from Tolkien´s “Lord of the Rings”) feeling the need to say in a booming voice: “You shall not pass!” 😉


Wish you all a beautiful sunday!

And a Happy Mother´s Day to those of you who are one 😉 !!!

15 thoughts on “Sepia Sunday – You Shall Not Pass

  1. Hmmmm…I think more likely a bureaucratic blunder (ran out of funds at the halfway point), but the wizard story is better. I like this in sepia and with the leading lines of the fence and far side of the canal coming in from the bottom left corner. Very nice! Cheers!

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    • Thank you very much, Chris!! I´m so glad you like it! 😀
      Hehe! Yeah, running out of funds sounds very much like Berlin 😉 You know, we´ve got an airport in the south of the city and they are building it for nearly 10 years or so now! It´s like this: they build a bit, notice something is wrong, stop working, try to get new money to make it undone and then do it all over again! It´s a never-ending story. A helping hand from a wizard might come in handy there, too, I imagine 😉


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