A Chinese Character



This new portrait study gives you a hint as to where I want to travel to someday 😉

I´ve always been fascinated by Asia, especially China and Japan and remember with startling clarity giving impressions of a japanese dancer before family members when I was very young. In order to do so, I borrowed my mom´s kimono-styled dressing gown and painted my lips generously with her lipstick and sang nonsense syllables in a very high voice and embarrasingly out of tune 😉

Do you remember doing something similar when you were a child??


36 thoughts on “A Chinese Character

  1. Nicely done Sarah. I’d really like to go to China or Japan someday also. No dressing up as a Japanese dancer for me. The big thing when I was growing up was making a towel or blanket into a cape to be Batman or Superman. Cheers!

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    • Thank you very much, Chris!! 🙂 I remember discussing with you the benefits of learning chinese – it would be good if I managed to do it before I go there, but I very much doubt it 😉 Funny coincidence though: I bought today a self-study course for japanese (it was a real bargain), so in about 30 days I should be ready to go to Japan if one can believe it 😉
      Ahh, yes – the magic towel or blanket! I did that too, though I always prefered Batman 😉 Oh, and Spiderman, but he´s so awesome that he doesn´t need a cape 😉 Cheers!

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  2. As a child, I played “The King and I” recording of the musical on my record player, dressed up, danced, sang, and pretended to ‘be there’. It was wonderful and shaped my life. Thank you! -Jennie –

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