Sepia Spell – Wedding Bells



I stumbled over this lovely scene while I was enjoying a walk through one of my favourite parks here in Berlin, the Körnerpark. It´s a very small park compared to many others but it has been beautifully designed (around 1912-1916) and reminds me everytime of one place or another in northern Italy.

It´s situated in Berlin-Neukölln, a district that went through many changes in the past years, from a so called “Ghetto” to a very hip and trendy art community, a bit like Brooklyn in New York City, I imagine.

In many ways it´s a wonder that this park has been so very well cared for over all these years as money has always been a very scarce thing around my neighborhood. I´ll show you more of it in the next couple of weeks!

As you can see, this handsome couple chose it as a setting for their wedding pictures, something I so far only came across at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain (which is even more spectacular) 😉 But if you can´t afford going there, this park is a very nice substitute, I believe.

Of course, it´s very likely that they were already married at that moment, but I imagined hearing those wedding bells anyway 😉


Wish you all a very beautiful sunday! xxx


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27 thoughts on “Sepia Spell – Wedding Bells

  1. Hi S!
    The choice for sepia instantly brought me to the dress! And then the photographer with his hand in action – so I like that you chose to give us this shot – not sure what your other pics looked like – but this had interest – I read the comments about the composition –
    And agree
    – but as noted – the sepia allowed the dress to pull is in.
    And how nice this park seems to be – esp. As an alternative for Italy or Spain – and the Brooklyn comparison helped –

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    1. I was hoping it would have that effect!! 🙂 Thank you very much for your super-lovely comment 😀 You clearly made my day!!
      The park is like a hidden jewel in all that what goes around it 😉 For visitors it is always a very unexpected sight! And so much lovelier for it 😉
      Wish you a beautiful sunday! xxxxx

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    1. It is a beautiful park! 🙂 Although I´m not so sure about the dogs… I´ve never seen one there which is strange since many dogs are seen on the streets surrounding it. So probably not 😦 xxx


  2. This is a lovely shot and I agree with Chris about the composition. It works really well. It’s always interesting to see where bridal couples/parties choose to have photos taken. When I was in Sydney last year, I watched a busload of Chinese couples in their wedding finery disembark at the Harbour Bridge end of Circular Quay. Each couple had their own photographer and stylist and they all took up different positions, with Sydney Harbour and the Opera House in the background. It was fascinating to watch (and I confess, photograph) them all having wedding photos taken. It was also a bit sad because in each case, it was only the couple and their paid professionals. No bridesmaids, best men or family members. I wondered if they had married elsewhere and come to Sydney for the photos, or if it was a kind of package elopment tour.

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    1. Thank you very much, Su!!! 🙂
      Ahh – I would love to have been there and watch those couples too 😉 It must have been rather a spectacle from what little I know of elaborate chinese wedding dresses 😉 Very stylish and en vogue, I presume 🙂 But I´m with you on it being also rather sad without family members and friends being around at this occasion. Maybe the trip to Sydney was part of their honeymoon and they took the opportunity to take some extra shots for their album?
      And isn´t it fun to photograph people while they get photographed by someone else?! It was the first time I did this and it felt so thrilling 😉 Like being a paparazzo or something 😉

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      1. I think you could be right about the honeymoon. Perhaps there is a package “honeymoon” deal that includes photos. I’ve seen something similar in Paris, by the Eiffel Tower, so perhaps this is just another aspect of tourism. Not that the Big T and I are ever likely to get married, but even if we did, I couldn’t imagine ever persuading him that it was a good idea to dress up in wedding clothes and pose for photos beside a tourist attraction. I think it would be a very short marriage!

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      2. It seems very likely, doesn´t it?
        Haha! I think most men don´t really fancy the idea to do that 😉 Personally, I think marriage is outdated and not necessary to maintain a healthy relationship anymore. Nearly everyone I know who has been married also has been divorced at least once 😉 So why bother? 😉


  3. Hi Sarah. I like how you chose to have the main focus on the statue to the left and the couple in a softer focus in the back. Really nice composition on this. The park looks gorgeous. Have a great Sunday…Cheers!

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