The Strix ~ Fairy

My dear friend Patty asked me, if I´d like to contribute as a guest artist to this very lovely blog post about fairies! She truly honoured me with her believe that I would be able to create something appropriate and I have to thank her for giving me the opportunity to stretch my wings and fly… 🙂

The Strix

Our art-sisters Zigyasa and Kashaf weren’t able to join us this time, however the rest of the Strix and our new guest-artist Sarah created a piece of art for you all to enjoy.  Choice of Topic FAIRY by the lovely Zigyasa.


She wasn’t born a faerie;
she earned her wings
her own way.

Her imagination started early
just out of night’s skies
when the sun rose
the glittered light shone

Her magic coaxed forth
wings tickled, prickled
out of her strong back
fluttered to life, a surprise

Forest creatures came to life
the mushrooms spoke to her
the elves and gnomes
hiding ‘neath them
welcomed her home
for a pint of mulled cider
to warm her bones

But her magic
was already there;
she could see the elves
dance with the gnomes
hear the mushrooms
before the wings grew

because she believed

her world was already

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