4th of May – Star Wars Day


Princess Leia and R2-D2, drawing (pencil and micron ink), 2016/2017


Today is Star Wars Day!!!

As you can guess from the overexcited use of exclamation marks – I am a fan 😉

I still have many of the posters that used to hang in my room when I was a kid but now they are well hidden inside some boxes holding my teenage paraphernalia.

I´ve watched the movies countless of times, that is to say the first three movies (or Part IV, V, VI) – the later ones quite often too but not nearly as often as the other ones. And yes, I believe, they are still the best and surpass all the other Star Wars movies that followed up to this day even though the special effects might have improved.

But this is exactly the point, isn´t it? It´s not the special effects that made the original movies so absolutely great and fantastic – although they were comparatively awesome for that time – but it´s everything else.

You are, of course, allowed a different opinion, but honestly, I won´t change mine ever! 🙂



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9 thoughts on “4th of May – Star Wars Day

  1. Happy Star Wars Day Sarah. I saw the first Star Wars movie (part IV I guess) on a first date can you believe? The relationship lasted past the release of ‘The Return of the Jedi” and I’m still friends with the guy. Oh my, I feel old!

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    1. 😀 I wished I could have watched it the first time it was shown in cinemas but I wasn´t even born then! Luckily they aired it again around 2000 I think – and nobody could have stopped me then 😉 It´s just so much better in a full theatre than at home! And it would never have been a good choice for a date on my part – I´m just too fascinated by these films and would very likely have ignored my date 😉

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      1. Aaaagh! Now I do feel old. I was a teenager when I saw it. I agree about seeing films in the cinema; much better than TV. I get too easily distracted and having the power to “pause” is dangerous in my hands.

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