May The Force Be With You!


R2D2 Kopie

R2D2 (water color on paper; May 2018)


Today´s prompt for the May 2018 Art Challenge: Smile Makers! is stars.

And when I think of stars, I think of Star Wars. (I´m a huge fan, although admittedly more of the original trilogy than all the new stuff. I haven’t even watched the last one yet since I was so disappointed by the one before the last!)

And when I think of what always made me smile when watching Star Wars, it was R2D2.

So today I painted this cute little astromech droid that appears in all eight Star Wars movies as well as in Rogue One and that, despite being a mechanical being always manages to convey a wide range of emotions.

Also today is the International Star Wars Day which is a perfect coincidence.

So May The Force Be With You all today and everyday!

52 thoughts on “May The Force Be With You!

  1. Great post and awesome painting, Sarah! We’re fans of Star Wars, too, but agree with you that the original movies are the best. And R2D2 is definitely a favorite! Hope you had a great day! 💕🎨🎬📽

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  2. Such a cool drawing Sarah. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan — though I did see the very first movie as a first date, but I loved R2D2. I haven’t seen any of the later movies (I think re-watching the first three in one sitting with a bunch of people in costume was probably overload). Thank you for making me smile and remember a part of my life that was “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” Happy weekend to you my friend. xxx

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    • Thank you so much, Su! It was quite fun to draw and paint something so technical and linear, definitely not my usual approach.
      I imagine you were busy being excited while on your date instead of watching the film – I would have been! (Although I also might have paid more attention to the film than my date come to think of it. 😉)
      So glad this post made you smile and stroll down memory lane. 😊
      Have a lovely evening and a glorious start to a new week! Xxxxxxx

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  3. What a cute drawing of R2D2! Love it. Hope the force is with you as well and you have a wonderfilled weekend. I had to ask my son if they had come out with a new movie because of all the hype over May 4th. I do remember those movies and loved them.

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    • Thank you very much, Marlene!
      I think the hype is definitely down to the latest film and a whole new generation getting now acquainted to this universe of Star Wars.
      So glad you liked the old films too! Have a wonderfilled weekend too! 😊

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  4. Excellent painting, Sara. Who doesn’t love R2D2? I watched the first Star Wars film when my younger son was a baby. Now I’m taking my grandchildren to see the new movies! May the force be with all of us, generation after generation.

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    • Thank you so much, Miriam!
      Normally my thoughts about stars would be more dreamy too but the motto of this art challenge is smile-makers so I opted for my beloved R2D2. 😊
      Have a lovely weekend!

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    • Thank you, Darren! Great to know that I’m not alone with my preference for the original trilogy. 😄 Happy Friday and an awesome weekend! 💕


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