3-Day Quote Challenge #3 – Talent


I´ve been tagged for the 3-Day Quote Challenge by my wonderful friend Ju-Lyn from over at Sunrise, Sunset – Matters of Perspective!

Thank you so much for tagging me, Ju-Lyn! I just love quotes!


“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”

– Henry van Dyke


I think Henry van Dyke got this one absolutely right. If all of us would never pursue what we like to do – be it painting, writing, singing etc. – just because we´re not perfect at it, the world would be a much more silent and dull place.

I know that I´m far from being perfect at painting, but I love doing it and I hope that my works bring a bit of joy to those that see them.

So, raise your voice and join the world´s chorus of talents!


king fisher
King fisher (water color on paper; April 2018)


The Rules of this Challenge are as followed:

1) Thank the person who nominated you
2) Post a quote for 3 consecutive days ( 1 post each day )
3) Nominate 3 bloggers each day


And today I´m tagging the following bloggers for this challenge:







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74 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge #3 – Talent

    1. Aww – thanks so much, Patty! I’m on my way to learn that perfection isn’t everything and can bring you only so far. The most important thing is to have fun doing what you love. And if the result happens to please other people as well then that’s even more than one could wish for.
      Have a lovely day! xxx

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      1. I feed them (grape jelly and oranges) and today I took a picture when one landed on my window 3 feet from my chair and watched me. I wanted to send you the picture but I can’t figure out how to do it here.

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      2. Oh, that’s so sweet of you! I don’t know either how to include pictures in comments but you could send me the pic via email which you can find on my About page. 😊

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  1. This is such a joyous post, Sarah! filled with hope and the call for continue to fill our world with beauty! Your quote captures so much of what you do for me – filling my day & headspace with birdsong!

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    1. Aww – thanks so much, Ju-Lyn! I have the exact same feeling every time I visit your blog! Never stop singing and enlightening the world around you! Have a glorious weekend and a Happy Whitsun! 🙂

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  2. Wonderful quote, Sarah, and so true. If perfection was all that mattered then I wouldn’t be writing either. But I love it and so I do it. 🙂 Your painting is lovely, as always, and your talent is remarkable! 💗🌼

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    1. Thank you, Lauren! I guess the sentiment of this quote echoes with many of us here on WP where we share exactly that and add out voices to this marvelous choir of talents. Never stop writing!!
      Have a very lovely weekend, dear friend! 😄❤

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  3. This is your best quote yet! So often, we hold back because we think we can’t do something “good enough.” But we all bring something to the table, and it’s the combination of all our gifts that make it a beautiful banquet, isn’t it? Thanks for the reminder, Sarah!

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  4. You know a have a big crush on feathers and birds and a big one on your painting as well… Not only your bird’s paintings but they sure are among my favorites. This one is pretty gorgeous. Great work Sarah.

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      1. That is so nice of you! Uhmm, my favorite bird? That’s a tough one. Love the Flicker, ostrich, blue jay, Nuthatche… There are too many to mention. xoxo

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      2. I know, it´s really difficult to pick just one, right? Will see if I will manage to draw/paint one of the above one of these days. 😉 xoxo

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      3. So nice of you but know that seeing any paintings of yours with or without a bird is always a true pleasure. I will style the Flicker for our september issue of When Fashion and Nature Collide as I have a Fall outfit that would be perfect to match the feathers of this cutie.

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  5. I don’t think I could put one foot in front of the other if I didn’t believe this. I am so far from perfect, so distant from mastery. Still, I try. As for the birds – they sing no matter what. Last night my son and I stood outside in the darkness as the new day began, listening to mockingbirds sing to each other. Melodic, crisp trills. What a gorgeous sound yet we may have been the only two who heard them.

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    1. That´s so beautiful that you and your song listened together to the mockingbirds, honoring them in doing so. I have a couple of blue titmouse that I feed through the winter and that are now stuffing themselves because they´re busy raising the next generation – I love hearing their little chirps and twitters, and I can’t wait to see those cute little baby birds!
      And here´s to putting one for in front of the other, no matter what! 🙂

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  6. This is a great quote, Sarah. I had not heard it before and that’s nice. Your drawing is wonderful. I learned a few years ago to just do the things that brought me pleasure and not worry about it being “perfect”. Thanks for the nomination. I will give it some thought. I might do the 3 quotes if I get the chance but I would not do the nominating. Appreciate it though. My body aches all the way to my fingers and toes from yard work this week.

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    1. Thank you very much, Marlene! Isn´t it strange how difficult it sometimes is to come up with a quote no one has heard before? Perhaps all the good ones are repeated over and over again.
      To learn that one has not to be perfect is just as difficult, if not more. I´m trying this for years now, and every now and again ambition gets the better of me. 😉
      I would love to see what quotes you come up with if you decide to take part in the challenge. No need to do it right away, or on 3 consecutive days, you can also do them all at one or leave time between each post. And leaving out the nomination is also fine, you could add that everyone who wants to join is free to do so.
      Hope your body had a good rest by now, as lovely as gardening is, it really is quite tough.
      Have a beautiful day!

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    1. Thanks so much, Divya! I feel so honoured that you enjoy my paintings, dear friend! I also am so grateful to be able to witness all your outstanding talents! Have a wonderful week! xoxo 😄❤

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  7. A wonderful quote and what a gorgeous Watercolour …. when I was a rower, I was privileged to often see that stunning flash of colour as a kingfisher dived into the inky water and came up triumphant with a fish or sat, as yours is, watchful from his reedy beady eerie for the next unfortunate fish to flitter past! Xxx

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    1. Thank you so much, Fiona! I often thought that watching nature was the best about rowing, that and sometimes landing on a little beach and taking a quick swim. 😉 Have a wonderful week, dear friend! xxxxx

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      1. That’s it exactly. I was brought up in the village that Kenneth Graham (Wind in the Willows) lived and being on the river in a little boat is my idea of heaven! Xxxx. Wishing you a joyful week ahead lovely Sarah!

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