In the Mood for … William Turner

I actually – and secretely – started this project last winter, when I buried myself in a book about Impressionism and became aware of my deeply hidden wish to be able to paint just like the great painters, whom I´ve already admired for years. This desire has become quite overwhelming and so I finally gave in and bought some acrylic paint and a couple of canvases. My first painting was thus inspired by William Turner (1775-1851), that wonderful english romanticist, whose paintings I´ve admired in the National Gallery in London. Though I choose to paint in black-and-white only – why that is, I´m not entirely sure.

untitled - dec. 2014
untitled – dec. 2014


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10 thoughts on “In the Mood for … William Turner

  1. Had an inkling to find your 1st post to see how your blog all started. Am I glad that I did!
    I LOVE William Turner! It all started with a coffee table book which I happened upon; an then when I saw his huge broody seascapes in person, I was charmed and hooked!
    I LOVE your creation! and it makes so much sense to me why you used B&W – you have captured the darkness and light so apparent in many of his works! In simplicity, he suggests complexity. In turmoil, he suggests calmness. In darkness & night, he promises light of day. And you have done this for me! Again, Sarah, I am a Big Fan!

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    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful comment, Ju-Lyn! I´m so glad you like my painting and share my love for Turner! His work amazes me whenever I look at one of his paintings, I feel like I fall into a whirlwind of emotions and I don´t mind that at all, on the contrary – it´s so wonderful!
      I´m so honored that you like and enjoy this painting and that it fills you with the same kind of emotions that were rolling through me when I painted it. At that time I felt that with using only black and white I would be able to concentrate much more intensely on the stark contrast between night and day, between darkness and light and I´m so glad you think it was a wise choice, dear friend! You´ve made me so happy with you comment and I know this smile will now appear every time I look at my painting! Thank you so much! Much love! xoxo


      1. Dearest Sarah, if I’ve not said it before, I’ll say it now (and even if I have, I’ll just say it again): I feel so privileged to be allowed into your creative space. I love looking at your work & even more, to be privy to all the heart, soul, thought & effort that has gone into them.

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      2. Aww- Ju-Lyn! You make my heart sing from pure joy and I thank you so, so much for your wonderful support, dear friend! It’s people like you who make me want to paint more and better with each day – thank you! I feel honoured to call you my friend! You inspire me! 😍❤


  2. I thought I’d come back and have a look at one of your earliest posts. I like your first painting. I want to say it makes a good impression, but that joke would be silly so I won’t mention it. 😀

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      1. Feel free to overload me with silly jokes!! I absolutely adore them! 😀
        (Although I´m really, really bad at telling them myself – always giggle before I have time to get to the end of it 😉 ) Have a very lovely week, Bun!

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