20 thoughts on “A beautiful rear can also endear…

    • Thank you so much Chris!! Well, whether she´s sad or not lies in the eye of the beholder, don´t you think?;) Maybe she´s just a little bit melancholic…
      Finding titles is never easy, as I´m sure everone having a blog can agree too;) Glad it made you smile:)
      Have a lovely weekend and keep warm! Cheers, Sarah:)

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      • Hi Sarah.
        Good point. The great thing about art (and in much of life) we all see what we see but who knows if that is the reality.
        Titling posts is a definite challenge.
        It won’t be super warm this weekend but anything will seem balmy after last weekend.
        Have a good weekend

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      • Hi Chris – yes, perception really is an everyday mystery, isn´t it? But then, that´s what makes art etc so wonderful and varied. How dreadfully boring would it be if everyone would feel and think the same about everything;)
        I hope spring will be on it´s way soon – can´t wait to see what pictures you´ll shoot then! A beautiful weekend to you too! Cheers, Sarah:)

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