The Strix ~ Silence

I´m so proud to be a part of this wonderful cluster of creative talents!! 🙂


32 thoughts on “The Strix ~ Silence

  1. Such a quietly powerful piece of work …. my mind runs simultaneously to a desperate drop of the head in the face of something dreadful and yet to the dropping of ones shoulders, hair flounced in a curtain to be tossed defiantly back in the ultimate self-sexifying gesture. I adore it.

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    • Thank you very much for your wonderful comment, Osyth! 😄
      Should I ever be so lucky and have my own exhibition I would love for you to write the accompanying texts 😉 I made a little statue out of this painting too if you’re interested you can find it in the pottery section of my blog menu.
      Have a fantastic weekend my friend! 😄 xxxxxxx

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      • If you don’t get an exhibition of your own I will be very very cross …. a talent like yours should be displayed! I will pop over to your pottery section in a jiffy and I know I will love the piece. As to writing the scripts for you – I would be absolutely honoured. So let’s make this happen! I would like to see a nice glowing spotlight on your work. By the way, do you know the work of Catherine Yarrow? She was a friend of mine in her last years and died the day after I introduced her to my second daughter. I knew she was hanging on to meet her and it was a seminal moment in my life as I felt her let some of her extraordinary spirit into my Little Elle. Anyway – I think you would find he interesting and much of your work reminds me of her. Enjoy your weekend – we have clear blue skies forecast for three days so guess who’s going out with the camera and guess who’s going hiking in the hills? Xxxx

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      • Oh, Osyth! You know how to speak to an artist! 🙂 Your words go down like the most wonderful golden maple syrup – thank you so much, my dear friend! And now I´m even more eager to make it all happen, spotlight and all! Believe me, if – or shall I say when? – it´s going to happen, I will remember our little pact! They say pictures don´t need words but I say, sometimes they get even better with them! 🙂
        I haven´t heard of your friend before but had a quick look just now and am totally amazed that I haven´t!! What a life! What an artist! what a woman! I´m definitely going to research her more as soon as I can! Thank you so much for pointing her out to me! What an extraordinary experience you and your daughter shared with her. I do believe in spirits and that they leave something behind before they move on.
        I hope your weather´s going to travel north and east 😉 It´s quite gloomy around here but as I´m lying mostly in bed curing my sinusitis I don´t mind it much 😉 Hope you´ll have a splendid hike and terrific pictures! Big hug! xxxxxx

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      • She was amazing. I have some of her water colours of flowers and a few pieces of pottery. When she held my daughter (then aged about 2 weeks old) it was as though they had known one another forever! I’m glad my words spurred you on. As exhibition of your can only be a good thing xxx. PS: Allez mieux … sinusitis is ghastly and I send you warm thoughts and special tinctures through the aether. And blue skies X

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      • Thank you so much for your warming thoughts and special tinctures, Osyth! They are much appreciated and needed! 🙂 And how did you make it happen that there´s a blue sky today??? The first I see in over a week! Thank you! 😀
        How wonderful and special to own some of her art! Make sure never to part from it! There´s a piece of the artist´s soul in everything they create… Have a beautiful day, my dear friend! xxx ❤

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      • Oh that’s a certainty … I could never let them go. You are so right about the little sliver of the artist’s soul. It is to be treasured and it saddens me when I think of great works languishing in vaults somewhere. That was not their purpose. I worked for a while on a Charity Project in Britain called The Public Catalogue Foundation. It was born out of a discovery by its founder that there are thousands and thousands of works of art languishing in basements and dusty old attics of public buildings …. not just museums but council buildings and fire stations and schools and never seen. Fred Hohler set up the foundation to unearth and catalogue these works and to make them available if only in digital form on a website for everyone because in fact they are owned by everyone. Some amazing finds amongst them but he was always firm that every piece was valuable no matter what it’s supposed price tag. Xx

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      • I´m also very much saddened by this situation. Art should not be stored away but shared with everyone! When I studied archeology we used to have some seminars in the basements of the Pergamon Museum – oh, what treasures! Just because they don´t have enough space to exhibit them or because they haven´t been restored yet they likely will never be seen by visitors but merely random scientists… I always wonder what it must look like in the Louvre! I´m sure it´s fantastic what they have hidden away!
        That Foundation you mentioned sounds like the very thing how to deal with this problem!! And I absolutely agree with him on that every piece is valuable not matter what the price tag says. Hope we will find a way in the next decades to change the whole situation. Especially with our new digital technologies it should be easier than before.
        Wish you a lovely weekend and hope you can go on a hike again! 🙂 xxx

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      • I’m off to Marcolès to work on our little house there so expect some posts on the subject coming up – the only way through is laughter! You are so right that we should be able to rectify the situation of all those paintings and ancient artefacts lying largely unseen in vaults – a super-good use of technology. Bon week-end a toi aussi xxxx

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      • Hopefully not as cold as it has been … we have spent three weekends there this year and I have slept fully clothes with two pairs of socks and a bobble hat!!! Xxx

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  2. Thank you for the re-blog and for your beautiful entry.
    Personally I was very happy you allowed us to use this painting, since I already felt in love with the first time I saw that and still are very much in love with the sculpture you created.

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